NFL Sees ANOTHER Ratings Drop on Sunday as Political Circus Continues

No one cares about NFL player’s politics, and they’re proving it.

Despite the media circus around Vice-President Mike Pence’s walkout of the Colts-49ers game, the amount of people who actually watched the match were in the lower numbers.


According to Deadline Hollywood, NBC saw another drop in ratings when the game began.

However, with a 10.6/18 in metered market results, last night was not so stellar for NBC and the NFL. In what is a seemingly ever escalating political atmosphere for the ratings battered game, that’s a dip of 3% from last week’s SNF Colts vs. the 46-18 winning Seattle Seahawks match-up. That is also a season low for SNF in a season that has been mired in controversy and ratings decline.

It gets worse. The numbers may have exceeded last year’s numbers by just 4.4 percent, however the same game around last year’s time was up against a particularly explosive Trump/Clinton debate:

To add further context, last night’s injury filled SNF was up just 4% in MM numbers from the comparable game of last year when the New York Giants battled against the Green Bay Packers.

The sting in that, and a little bit of overview is needed here, is that season low SNF of October 9, 2016 was up against the Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton town hall debate. A widely watched and defining debate that came on the weekend of revelations of very inappropriate and damning remarks about women that then Apprentice host made to Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush back in 2005, comments then candidate Trump referred to as “locker room” talk in the town hall meet-up.


If there’s a worse example of how politics is hurting in the NFL, I can’t find it.

As Deadline Hollywood said, Sunday’s decline rides on the back of a somewhat steady drop in viewers across the board. Some games have seen double digit drops in viewership. Additionally, DirecTV has begun issuing refunds for NFL ticket packages to angry customers not wanting to give money to a sport that glorifies bashing the nation they love.



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