The Decency of Democrats Is Worse Than the Indecency of Republicans

AP Photo/Steve Helber

“Grab em by the p****.”

It was one of those moments that would forever define President Donald Trump’s moment in the political sun. It’s a phrase that is still repeated today by Democrats and RINOs alike whenever they feel the need to make Republicans feel like hypocrites for getting onto the case of leftists for the behaviors they undertake.

During the 2020 elections, we were told that “decency” was on the ballot by none other than Dr. Jill Biden herself. The idea was that Democrats needed to be put back in charge and that the p**** grabbing, mean-tweeting, foreign leader bombing orange man needed to be cast out. Sure enough, the so-called decent folk managed to get into the White House and “decency” began.

We saw decent books with graphic pictures of homosexual acts and stories featuring pedophilia in school libraries. We got transgender and racist indoctrination forced on children. We got drag shows for those same kids popping up at various locations.

Outside the world of education, we’ve got the decent Biden administration hiring Demetre Daskalakis, a Church of Satan fan, as the Monkeypox Czar.

He then hired Sam Brinton as the Deputy Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy, a gender-fluid man who promoted gay prostitution, including that of minors.

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Recently, the White House has engaged in the total erasure of women by having TikToker Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender individual, representing “new femininity” that’s really just beta-male nonsense covered in makeup.

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This isn’t even counting the multitude of lies, hypocrisies, and violence the Democrat Party either ignored or encouraged over the past few years, not even mentioning the fact that they want to kill children in the womb up to birth.

Like some dark comedy, Democrats consider these things to all be in the name of some kind of moral good. They think by inviting Satanists and pedophiles into their fold they’ll somehow set the world right and guide us into a future of peace, understanding, and more. They think that by eliminating the obstacles of the old morality set by people who value Judeo-Christian values, they can usher in something akin to the Federation from Star Trek where everything is free and everyone is peaceful.

Looking back at what the Democrats and RINOs were outraged about when it came to Trump, I’m now thinking that the infidelity and uncouth nature of Trump are tame. All things considered, the vices that Republicans were willing to shrug at are nothing compared to the horrific things Democrats are calling a virtue.

The left has absolutely no grounds whatsoever to finger-wag at the right for anything, ever. Their whole Alinskyite idea of making Republicans live up to their own standards to the letter doesn’t have the *oomph* it did just a few short decades ago.

If this is what the Democrats consider “decent” then you need not worry about what they consider indecent. While I’d never declare cheating on one’s spouse a moral good, if it means electing the affair-having douchebag or the man who had children he had abandoned in the past so as to avoid putting pedophiles and the mentally disabled in charge, then I’ll happily pull the lever for the former.

Sins are never good, but there are some sins that do far more damage than others, and the Democrats seem willing to call those sins helpful to everyone. They have no desire to be repentant about them and wish to only put themselves into a position to make these sins out to be normal behaviors despite us witnessing the destruction and devastation they bring about.

As far as I’m concerned, the left has no idea what indecency or decency is and they should never be trusted to decide for our society what the moral course for our nation is.


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