How a Rebellion Could be Brewing Within the Democrat Party

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The Democrat Party has developed a lot of nasty habits as of late but I’d say that one thing it’s done right is develop a taste for itself. The left loves to eat their own to the point of being gluttonous.

It’s not exactly hard to see why either. The left’s devolution into radicalism has been steady and swift. It’s been infected with the cultural Marxist idea of social justice, an ideology that requires there be victims and oppressors, and whoever is the biggest victim has the most power. This set a lot of groups into something of a contest to see who could be the most helpless and attacked.

Hilariously, this sent people attacking others with accusations of being “privileged” in order to make themselves look like even bigger victims. This ranged from black people claiming they were victims of a racist white culture, fat people claiming they were victims of a fatphobic society, and transgendered people claiming they were oppressed and hated by everyone.

The problem got so bad that many people began walking away from the Democrat Party. Tulsi Gabbard, Joe Rogan, Tim Pool, and many others who considered themselves “center-left” began to find themselves drifting rightward. While some opinions changed to be more conservative, these center-left people didn’t really do a lot of moving. The Party, as Reagan famously said, left them.

Then the Biden administration happened. Somewhere between the skyrocketing fuel prices, the tanking economy, the vaccine mandates that cost thousands of jobs, and sending billions of dollars off to Ukraine amidst an economic crisis, the Democrat Party began to diminish in support.

Try as they might, they couldn’t staunch the bleeding. Despite forgiving some student loan debt and pardoning marijuana possession offenses, it hasn’t been enough to convince voters to stay. The Democrats never understood that it’s hard to convince regular Americans to vote for you with gimmicks when the economy is a ridiculous weight to carry all on its own.

Reports say that since 2020, over a million people have swapped from Democrat to Republican…and that report was made in June. There’s no telling how many more have swapped since then, but every subsequent report has been more and more bad news for Democrats.

It’s apparently not just those on the center-left either. On Thursday, I reported on a video that showed the progressive left darling AOC being shouted down by people at her own town hall about her support for the war in Ukraine. One thing that those complaining to her said was that she was helping put the U.S. in danger of nuclear war. They even invoked Gabbard’s example while shouting at her.

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I found this more than a little surprising. If the two men who were shouting at AOC about her position on the Ukraine war had just been alone then I would have dismissed it, but the room was applauding them.

So apparently it’s not just those near or on the fence. It would appear that the left thinks things are getting too far to the left.

While it’s still too early to tell, it almost appears as if something is happening within the left. It’s clear many are fed up with how things are there. Between ineffectual and embarrassing leaders to the social justice-driven victimhood Olympics, Democrats are beginning to lose their enthusiasm for being a Democrat voter, if they haven’t completely lost it already.

This doesn’t at all mean that they’re becoming Republican, at least not all of them. It’s possible that these Democrats may only vote that way if they have to, but I’m sure they’d still rather not. Instead, many of them may go third party. It likely won’t make any movement for that party but it will cripple the Democrats further.

But the interesting part is that this has to have an effect on America’s oldest political group. Either it will continue to sink into its social justice infection and become a mere shadow of its former strength and power, or it will radically change for the better with Gabbard being something of an example of what it should actually look like.

This likely won’t happen within the next year. This will be a long process, but maybe not too long. What we do know is that the seeds are there and they are beginning to take root. All centrist Democrats have to do is water it.


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