Brave Mother Proves How Inappropriate Drag Shows Are for Kids in a Creative Way

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An interesting pattern with school boards is that they really don’t like it when you bring the things they’re pushing on your kid into the same room as them.


One Iowa mother decided to do that very thing by dressing up exactly as a drag queen did during a “child-friendly” drag show that was hosted on school grounds back in May. According to the National Pulse, an outraged mother decided to dress up exactly as the drag queen did in order to make it clear that dressing this way isn’t “appropriate” in public, and definitely not for children:

Activist Kimberly Reicks, the founder of Iowa Mama Bears and another group called Freedom Over Fear, stood in front of an Ankeny Community School Board meeting wearing a revealing leotard similar to one worn by the drag performer who had been invited to do a show for students in the district.

In a viral image from the event, Reicks can be seen standing next to a hand-made poster that reads: “Is it appropriate for an exotic dancer to seduce the children in our public schools?”

Reicks’s outfit is actually considered to be on the tamer end as far as drag queen outfits go. She wore a black skin-tight leotard with one shoulder and arm exposed, skin-toned leggings, and knee-high boots.

“I want to know: Does this outfit make you turn your head?” asked Reicks. “Is this outfit appropriate for anybody here to see?”


“Because if this makes your head turn, if this pissed you off, then it should,” she continued. “Because this guy walked into our school, wearing exactly the same thing.”

Reicks asked where the school board’s transparency was and made it clear that trust in them was thrown out the window.

According to the Pulse, administrators of Ankeny High School, where the event took place, did not give approval for the drag show that was hosted by the Ankeny High School’s Gay Straight Alliance.

This wouldn’t be the first time a concerned citizen brought what the school board had approved of directly before them. In October of 2021, a man in Orange County, Florida, read a passage from the book “Gender Queer: A Memoir” that involved graphic descriptions of sex with a strap-on device.

The board reacted immediately, shutting down the man and having him removed from the room. This was followed by the board declaring what he read was “inappropriate” and claiming that they’d never heard of this book before.

“Four copies of the book ‘Gender Queer’ were in three of our 22 high schools,” OCPS Director of Media Relations Shari Bobinski said in a statement according to Fox News. “The School Board was unaware this book was available in school media centers. At this time, the book is not on library shelves and is under review. If anyone has a concern about materials or books found in our media centers or in our classrooms, Orange County Public Schools has a process in place for parents or guardians to submit a form to the school principal to address a concern.”


As stated earlier, this Iowa mother’s outfit was relatively safe compared to some of the outfits drag queens wear around children, which include skirts that allow full view of the person’s underwear to what effectively counts as lingerie.

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