Steven Crowder's Undercover Crew Discovered the Truth About the 'Child Friendly' Roanoke Drag Show

The “child-friendly” drag show that occurred in Roanoke, Texas, was billed to the public as a PG show featuring non-sexualized drag queens where the underaged could come and receive some non-offensive family fun. This show included a line of Antifa members sporting AR-15s outside of the establishment to prevent protesters from coming near.


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As it turns out, YouTuber Steven Crowder sent two crews to the show, one was a crew openly trying to interview people in front of the establishment from Antifa members to the protesters across the street. The other was an undercover crew posing as supportive LGBT individuals there to take part in the festivities.

As you can probably guess by some of the footage you’ve already seen of the event, it wasn’t kid-friendly at all. Children watched as men dressed in provocative outfits and danced in front of these children. One had on a short skit and jumped up onto a table in front of a child, exposing his underwear.

While it was difficult to get supporters of the event to speak to the interview crew, inside the undercover crew was learning some interesting things. For one, many of the attendees there weren’t from Roanoke, nor were they even from Texas. They were bussed in for the event to make it seem like Roanoke had an increasingly gay population.

One man mentioned that he was from Minnesota and confessed his desire to turn Texas blue. There were also pamphlets being handed out at the event encouraging people to vote for Democrats during the midterm election season, especially Beto O’Rourke in the gubernatorial race.

“Republicans are radically stripping away our freedoms, power, and control,” reads the pamphlet’s front. “Let’s stop the madness! Vote for Beto & every Democrat.”


Given the clues, it would appear that Democrats are attempting to do two things here.

For one, this is a Democrat voting drive using the LGBT cause as a backdrop. The event wasn’t in support of the LGBT community in Roanoke, which is incredibly minimal according to residents. The event was meant to drive headlines and get people to believe that there is a growing movement within small Texas towns.

Moreover, this was meant to normalize this type of hyper-sexualization to children who will then grow up to be rabid Democrat voters themselves, or at least that’s the hope.

Like many things that involve the Democrat Party, this was a big show but with very little substance. It’s meant to paint a picture that doesn’t actually exist in an attempt to will the future they want into existence. They know that doing this in front of children will cause a massively negative reaction which they believe they can use to paint themselves as victims who just want to live peacefully.

It’s not working. Normalizing pedophilia and grooming aren’t going to be accepted by the people.


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