Democrats are Flushing Their Own Support Down the Toilet

Pride cometh before the fall and the Democrats are so soaked in hubris that they’ve become the personification of the devil’s favorite sin.

Modern Democrats remind me of the stereotypical 80s rich kid who threatens to encourage his dad to close down the local youth center. He has lackeys who follow him around and agree with whatever he says, and because you refuse to bend the knee, he goes out of his way to insult and demean you in front of everyone. He cares about nothing but his own reputation and treats everyone like garbage, even his own friends, because he knows no one will walk away from him.

He thinks he owns them just like his father owns everyone and everything around him, and to be sure, many people never dared to prove him wrong.

This metaphor is as truthful as it is fun. The Democrat Party is a rich father who needs only wave his hand and a myriad of powerful people will fall in line under it. Every politician with a D next to their name plays by a separate set of rules than everyone else and lashes out at anyone who dares disagree with them. Everyone and everything is merely there to serve the will of the Democrat Party, and it’s willing to screw over those the Party claims to be important if it means getting what it wants.

Of course, like in the 80s movie, the comeuppance occurs and the horrendous treatment is repaid with disloyalty. I’d say it’s sudden, but let’s face facts, the Democrat Party has been hearing grumbling for some time now, it just didn’t pay attention.

During the presidency of Donald Trump, something began happening that hadn’t happened in decades. The black community began slowly leaving the party. Trump delivered opportunity while the Democrats only promised more division and status quo nonsense. Trump treated them as a people with dignity while the Democrats looked at them as a voting bloc that wasn’t going anywhere.

Fast forward to Monday, and Sister Toldjah revealed that even CNN is noting a shift in the black community towards Republicans as we head into midterms and predicting some disaster for the Democrat’s hold on the senate.

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The same could be said of Hispanic voters who have been swapping from blue to red and turning entire counties and towns into Republican districts.

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The reason is simple. Democrats thought they owned anyone who didn’t have white skin. They thought that they could use and abuse these communities and they would still pull the lever for whoever had a D next to their name thanks to divisive politics and promises that had Monkey’s Paw results.

They would use communities such as Kenosha as a way to stage violent revolts against anything Republican and then blame Republicans while stoking these fires in plain sight. Then, while people outside that community were cheering on Democrats for their care of “social justice,” Kenosha flipped Republican, knowing who and what really started the destruction.

Democrats only really ever cared about their own power and prestige. They’re willing to sacrifice whatever and whoever they need to in order to keep it or gain it.

But like that old 80s trope, they pushed too far and support is beginning to wane. Voters are walking away and seeking a better class of leadership. It’ll be up to Republicans to provide it and not become lazy like their Democrat counterparts.

The lesson here is simple. No group, person, or institution owns anyone and anyone may change their mind about anything at any given moment. Republicans should never lose sight of the fact that they are servants of the people, not the other way around. It’s what happened to Democrats and now they’re struggling to stop the bleeding.


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