The Left's Hypocrisy About Men's Emotions Is on Full Display

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How often are we told by the left that men have an original sin called “toxic masculinity?”

According to them, it’s this dastardly toxicity that prevents men from being normal humans. It makes us dumb, worthless, and dangerous. It gives us an over-inflated sense of confidence and a willingness to put others down, especially women, they say.


Of course, the entire concept of “toxic masculinity” is an imaginary tool used to guilt men into quieting down their nature and embracing something that is far more easily manipulated. The nature of men, masculinity, isn’t “toxic.” Masculinity can be utilized to accomplish great evil, but masculinity is hardly alone in its ability to bring about negative outcomes. Femininity can be abused and corrupted to achieve some pretty heinous ends as well.

Modern feminism and the issues it’s caused in today’s society, especially for women, are great indicators of this.

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But one of the ways the left says men are toxic is that it prohibits men from getting in touch with, and expressing their emotions. They like to tell us that toxic masculinity is stopping men from understanding themselves because they’re not allowed to talk about their feelings.

They’re half right. Men are definitely finding it difficult to get in touch with and express their feelings…but it’s not toxic masculinity forcing this on men.

Earlier today, I reported on the reaction to Jordan Peterson getting emotional during a Piers Morgan interview. When asked if he was the “king of incels,” Peterson embraced the idea, noting that what the left considers “incels” to be disaffected men who need compassion and aren’t getting it thanks to society writing them off like trash simply because they’re men. Many feel voiceless and, as a result, helpless.


Thinking about these lost men, Peterson fought back tears as he spoke about the issue.

And the internet slammed him for it. He was mocked, derided, and ridiculed for daring to show emotion in public as a man, especially over the subject of men. This is a pretty common response to men showing emotion, which is one of the reasons why men feel so isolated and unable to express themselves.

Case in point: The reaction to Peterson is one such example.

Women can express their emotions freely. In fact, doing so often is a net benefit for them. However, for men, expressing emotions can become a liability. It’s a sign of weakness to society and, to boot, indicates a weakness of spirit and emotional instability to potential mates. It looks better on us when we deal with problems stoically or, at the very least, turn our sadness into controlled anger.

So the left wants men to stop being so toxic and start expressing emotions, yet they want men to deal with the natural consequences that come with this alone. They encourage men to be free to shed tears and express their sadness, but they’re perfectly okay with turning right around and using those tears as a cudgel to beat men over the head.


They want you to show them that you’re down so they can kick you while you’re there.

Utter hypocrisy.

Men should definitely be able to express themselves and reach out for help when they need it. Certainly, that’s not happening enough in a society that dehumanizes and villainizes men for simply being men. Depression is on the rise as is suicide, and that needs to stop.

But the left can drop the act. They don’t care.


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