The Authoritarians Just Admitted Your Free Speech Is a Threat to Their Rule

Yoan Valat/Pool Photo via AP

They say “when someone tells you who they are, believe them” but the confession doesn’t always look so direct and obvious.

The modern left, for instance, is a bunch of unrelenting authoritarians who consider themselves smarter and more capable than you. They believe they deserve to rule and that your purpose is to obey and serve. The issue is that history has taught them that people are more easily ruled when their hearts are in it, and convincing them to be ruled needs a more nuanced approach.

Taking away your rights could create a backlash so it’s necessary to make it seem like what they’re doing is all for the sake of some moral advancement for society. Take, for instance, this speech from New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who wants you to believe that the internet is dangerous because it could give people bad information and cause them to make bad decisions.

To be clear, the internet is full of bad information but what Ardern and authoritarians like her consider to be “bad information,” or “misinformation as they like to call it, is anything that gets in the way of them gaining more control over you.

The authoritarians don’t just exist in office either. They have plenty of help in the media and big tech. For instance, Russell Brand noted just today that YouTube deleted a video off of his channel for containing “misinformation” and yet leaves leftist narratives that are demonstrably false are still allowed to remain.

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Both Ardern’s speech and YouTube’s obviously biased approach to censorship are an attack on free speech. Both attempts to sell this willingness to practice one-sided censorship are confessions in and of themselves. Both are admitting that your free speech is dangerous to them and that they have no issue with taking your ability to speak freely away from you.

According to them, only their ideas should be allowed to flourish or be spoken aloud. Only their ideas should be seen on the internet. As Ardern said in her speech, “How do you tackle climate change if people don’t believe it exists?” If people can easily see that the left’s ideas and narratives about climate change aren’t true then it’s much harder to get people to fall for their approach to a “solution.”

This is the left admitting where a large portion of their threat to them lies. Your ability to discuss ideas, research, and weigh the evidence for yourself makes pushing narratives far more difficult. They want to cripple the critical thinking skills you develop through the natural process of communication.

There’s a reason the founders made free speech the first God-given right on the list. There is no freedom if there is no free speech. This doesn’t just mean in the physical public square. This also means any .com or social media platform that exists must be able to allow the distribution of information without interference from the government.

Your freedom rests on your ability to communicate your ideas and in today’s world, that’s primarily done on the internet.

Allowing these authoritarians to limit or take that away is a huge stride towards assisting their domination, but the bottom line here is that they have no business being leaders of anything or anyone. As you’ve seen over the past years, these people range from incompetent to malicious, and they should be rejected at every turn.

But part of that rejection is never buying into their moral grandstanding as so many have. A good rule of thumb is that if any of these “good intentions” involve limiting or stripping you of your rights, including the right to free speech, then it’s not a good intention.


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