Woman's Disturbing Reaction to Man Calling Her out for Wrongdoing Shows an Infantilization of Society

I’ve repeatedly speculated that social justice has an odd effect on the brain and people who embrace it seem to suffer something akin to mental illness. At this time, we don’t know if the chicken came before the egg and those with mental illnesses are simply attracted to it naturally, but we have confirmed cases of people being normal, going through a university “education” and coming out the other side wholly indoctrinated.


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You can witness something like this on full display pretty regularly thanks to Twitter accounts like “Libs of TikTok,” but another video has emerged showing another instance of pure insanity.

As you can see in the video below, a man is seen calmly explaining to Walmart employees that the woman in front of him cut in line to get there and upon confronting her she began throwing a very childish temper tantrum. The woman is sporting a childish backpack and still wearing a mask despite mask mandates clearly being lifted in that area as no one else was wearing one.

The one woman screamed that she had previously been raped recently and, as such, couldn’t stand to be touched by a man. The man explains to the staff that he hadn’t touched her at all, just simply called her out for cutting in line. The woman is seen shaking and complaining that the man won’t go away.

The Walmart employees told him that they’d take him to another register, at which point he claimed that she threw some of the things that he had. The woman forcefully demanded that he leave, and when he didn’t move fast enough she began screaming at the top of her lungs. The video cuts with the man walking away.


While there’s no footage to confirm what happened in its entirety, the reaction from the woman shows someone who is clearly disturbed but her words and face mask give strong indicators that she adheres to modern sensibilities. Moreover, she’s displaying various behaviors that go along with this, including extreme overreactions, shaking, and screaming.

Language warning for the video below.

Whether or not she strictly adheres to leftist ideology, all evidence points to the fact that it’s had a very severe influence on her. Her reaction was wildly uncalled for and would have simply been over and done with had she just apologized and waited her turn. If the man’s claim that she took things out of his basket and began throwing them around were true then it would fly in the face of her claim that she was wanting to risk as little contact with him as possible after suffering sexual trauma.

While I would never say her claims of being sexually assaulted were wholly false, her behavior during the time when the recording was taking place is in line with the self-victimization that tends to happen when someone who adheres to social justice is put on the spot for wrongdoing.

No matter how you swing it, this woman’s childish behavior seems to be fueled by the example set forth by modern activists and university leftists. The dramatics she’s engaging in is being pushed on people, especially women, by activists and university professors.

It’s the idea that assuming a victim status and forcefully pushing it is okay and will get you your way. Sadly, many who engage in this behavior aren’t ever proven wrong. Even in the video above, the man is escorted away in order to give the screaming woman what she wants, reinforcing her belief that self-victimizing and throwing a tantrum about it works.


At the end of the day, self-victimization has the nasty side effect of infantilizing people. In order to see yourself as the victim, you have to take power and independence away from yourself. You must see yourself as something less than you actually are, and when you see yourself as that great of a victim, your only recourse is to rely on the power of strangers to deal with the problem in front of you. If that problem was created due to your own failure, then doing your best to take the blame off of yourself may come in the form of extreme reactions.

This is just one issue that the left’s social justice has created for our society; triggers that are everyone else’s fault.


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