Mazie Hirono Appears to Encourage Domestic Terrorism Against Pro-Lifers

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono is known for her over-dramatics and sensationalism when it comes to pretty much anything. According to Hirono, the worst things you can think of will happen tomorrow if you don’t immediately support whatever she and her fellow Democrats say you should. Also, if you resist her and her fellow D’s at all, you’re a dangerous person who only seeks to do evil to everyone you meet.


Hirono pushed it a bit too far on Wednesday when she suggested that the fight against that pro-life movement in this country is so serious that it’s “literally a call to arms in our country.”

Hirono may be resorting to sensationalist talk as she usually does, and her “call to arms” is meant to be a figurative “call to action.” It’s hard to tell with Hirono. She is, after all, a leftist radical in a suit.

Regardless of how she meant it, we do know how elements of the left will take it. The left has taken invitations for escalation very seriously in the past and Democrats are known for watching the violence unfold in cities around the nation and proceed to stoke the flames with talk about “unrest in the streets.”

Hirono should be very careful with her wording, especially given how they clutch their pearls every time a conservative says anything that could remotely look like a call to violence. Hypocrisy aside, however, the radical left is known for violence and destruction whenever something they claim to care passionately about is under threat. The Black Lives Matter riots are a perfect example of this, but even now we can see the violence the left is willing to resort to with the attacks on crisis pregnancy centers.


For instance, the attacks by Jane’s Revenge on pro-life organizations have been constant since the collapse of Roe v Wade, each promising that if abortions aren’t safe then pro-life organizations aren’t either.

Hirono would be wise to temper her language when the left is looking for nods from lawmakers to do their worst, but Hirono is a radical leftist herself given her stances. Like many Democrats have done repeatedly, any actual violence will be met with silence, and as the left likes to tell us constantly, silence is violence.


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