Democrats are About to Irreparably Shoot Themselves In the Foot With Their Latest Moves

AP Photo/Cliff Owen

The oft-talked about “red wave” started in earnest not that long ago with a series of Republican victories, the most notable one happening in Virginia with the election of Glenn Youngkin to the governorship. While many issues brought him that victory, it was one, in particular, that really got the attention of voters.

“Voters” might be too general of a term here. More accurately, it was parents that Democrats had ticked off royally enough to send the once blue state run by a Democrat mainstay into a red state run by a fresh-faced conservative.

All the Democrats had to do was attack Virginia’s children both in body and mind. Behind the backs of parents, they began introducing literature to libraries that depicted things like pedophilia and graphic images of homosexual acts. They began attempting to indoctrinate children with critical race theory, teaching students they were either victims or oppressors based solely on their skin color.

But the final break in the dam that would release the wave was the attempted cover-up of the rape of a young girl by a transgender student in Loudoun County.

This sent shockwaves across the nation and parents from east to west began appearing at school board meetings, demanding answers from board members about why their student was being subjected to political conditioning. Leftist politicians and education administrators responded by attempting to get the DOJ to intimidate parents into submission but it only drove the movement further.

Before you knew it, board members were being kicked out of seats and replaced with concerned parents, and what’s more, Republicans began receiving more support overall. Parents had become the most influential part of the United States and a very serious problem for Democrats.

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All Democrats had to do was drop the fight to keep radical indoctrination in schools but when it comes to the left, the agenda is everything, and pushing their ideology over you by any means necessary is paramount. Democrats have, once again, begun speaking out against parents and pushing for these horrific books to remain in school libraries.

For starters, we have Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson. You’ll remember him as the guy who wondered if Guam would tip over from having more weight on it back in 2010. Now he’s claiming that it was MAGA Republicans, not concerned parents, that spearheaded a coordinated attack on poor innocent school boards just like they did on January 6.

First Lady Jill Biden is also getting in on the game by proclaiming that the very books that had parents moving to toss out these radicals on the boards should remain in libraries.

“All books should be in the library,” Biden told NBC’s “Today” host Sheinelle Jones. “All books. This is America. We don’t ban books.”

Just to remind you about the books parents want out, there are two, in particular, that were making the rounds in schools, one which features drawings depicting oral sex between two males, and another which openly discusses underage sex acts as being enjoyable.

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While many of us would consider the banning of books to be a dumb move, restricting what we put in schools isn’t. We don’t put Penthouse magazines in children’s libraries or DIY tattoo guides. We make sure the material is appropriate for the youth.

Apparently, Biden and the left see this as a backward way of looking at things and children should be exposed to conversations between two men about ten-year-olds pleasuring each other. This is the same left that attempted to cover up the rape of a young girl because the boy who did it was trans.

I’m not sure how Democrats think this is going to help them gain traction in the polls leading up to November seeing as how the last time they spit in the faces of parents they had their bloated rear-ends handed to them. This is a grave error on the part of the Democrats, but far be it from me to interrupt my enemy while he’s making a mistake.


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