If You Wanted to Destroy America, Just Do What Democrats are Doing

We’re amidst a massive inflation hike, open borders, energy issues, and horrible trade policies. The cost of living has risen to red-alert levels and Americans all over the nation are struggling, and to make matters worse, the weight is only getting heavier.

There are many things that could be done on a federal level to ease the burden, but the federal government isn’t interested in doing any of these things. In fact, they’re doing the exact opposite and putting even more pressure on the American people with the passage of the falsely named “The Inflation Reduction Act.”

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As the American people worry about being able to afford gas to put in their cars, the “Inflation Reduction Act” throws billions at certain electric car companies while taxing oil and gas. The idea is to push electric vehicles on the public through intense pressure, but the issue is that these electric vehicles are still costly. Far more expensive than many Americans in the lower and middle classes can afford.

That matters not a lick to Democrats, who are enjoying the sensation of a circle-back patting session.

To make matters even worse, Democrats are hiring 87,000 new IRS agents in order to “help” the American people. A good way to help the American people would be to reduce taxes by leaps and bounds and then minimize the power of the IRS so that the rules and regulations Americans have to follow in order to be tax compliant doesn’t look like an encyclopedia.

To be clear, the government just passed a bill to use your taxpayer dollars to hire an army of government agents that will milk you for more tax dollars. This is will be absolutely crushing to the American people.

If Democrats really wanted to help America, they’d hire 87,000 new border agents to help secure the porous southern border. Despite the spike in crime and burden on our system, the left continues to allow a stream of thousands of migrants through, bringing with them complications from top to bottom.

For instance, the fentanyl crisis is spiraling out of control with overdoses now having increased by 800 percent since 2020. That’s over 100,000 deaths due to the drug that is streaming across our southern border like a river. With that many dead, you would think the federal government would declare a crisis. They’re certainly willing to over a non-fatal disease that affects the gay community in the 98th percentile, but not this?

Moreover, if the federal government really was looking for a way to help the American people, they’d work hard on releasing oil and gas companies from the mountains of red tape they have to get through in order to begin producing domestically. Instead, Biden’s government is content to claim they’re doing everything they can while doing absolutely nothing but the opposite. Biden has been shutting down pipelines and creating mountains of irregular policies to burden producers with.

None of the things the Democrats are doing makes sense from a logical perspective. Nothing they’re doing actually helps anyone except corporations that go along with whatever scheme the Democrats have hatched today. The people will suffer under a boot of high costs and high crime, the nation will continue to dwindle in wealth and power as it spends its own people in oblivion, and moreover, it will punish these same people for not being able to hold its bloated government up.

If you wanted to collapse a nation, this is how you would go about doing it. The Democrats are a party infested with anti-American radicals, and it shows.


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