Professional Movie Critics are Useless

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You’ve seen it happen so many times. A movie or television show will come out that is beloved by the vast majority of audiences. Social media is ablaze with praises for the work. It’s so great that it even causes other companies to take notice and begin producing works similar to it.

But as audiences rave about it, the professional movie critics are seething. They have nothing good to say about it. They say the actors are putting on horrendous performances, they say that the writing is shallow and terrible, and then there’s my personal favorite, they accuse the work of being dangerous to society.

Like a bunch of Tipper Gore wannabes, these critics breathlessly attempt to panic-porn the film into convincing people not to see it. They might say that it inspires hate and violence toward a certain group in our society or appeals to the worst in our society. By this, they don’t mean criminals, rapists, or people who drive slow in the fast lane. No, they mean conservatives.

You’ve probably thought of a couple of examples right off the bat.

Dave Chappelle’s comedy special “Sticks and Stones” took the western world by storm. It was one of the first big breaths of fresh air American audiences had in some time as it didn’t cave into woke culture requirements. Chappelle said what he wanted to and in the end, we got one of the most perfect stand-up comedy specials we’d seen in decades.

But because it went outside the bounds that the social justice dictators in our society laid down, the left went out of its way to bash the special and drag Chappelle’s name through the mud. They accused him of being “transphobic” and warned that it would open the door to violence against various protected groups.

It didn’t. Everything turned out fine and Chappelle became something of a beacon of non-woke artistry. His special, which actually tackled cancel culture brigades, set a tone that other comedians would latch onto and, what’s more, it would get the attention of streaming services who would slowly begin producing things that stepped away from leftist politics.

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We can see some of this effect happening right now, which leads me to my next example. Jack Carr’s “The Terminal List” became a show on Amazon and stars Chris Pratt. The show is apolitical but Carr is no friend to the left and his show reflects it. It has no social justice infection. It never makes references to leftist agenda items of any kind. It’s just a solid, well-written, superbly acted show about a Navy SEAL on a revenge mission.

The left hates it, not just because it doesn’t carry their message, but also because it stars Pratt, a man the left likes to hate for no other reason than that he’s a proud Christian.

But despite being a wholly different kind of work, the story is the same as “Sticks and Stones.” “The Terminal List” doesn’t inject leftist politics where it doesn’t belong and even looks fondly on something the left is typically known to despise. Due to this, the left can’t help but hate it, and they have no qualms about expressing exactly why they hate it.

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In both of these instances, the backlash against the works features unabashed rants about how these works defy their political preference somehow. They may attempt to justify their hatred of the work with other excuses. They accused Chappelle’s jokes of falling flat or Pratt’s acting to be subpar for the role he’s playing.

Both claims are demonstrably untrue.

This means that the majority of these rants were there strictly because it rubbed the critic the wrong way politically. They aren’t objectively looking at the work in order to judge it on its actual merits. Their purpose in giving it low scores is to discourage viewers from seeing it thus robbing all involved with the film of money and recognition for their work.

So you’re not actually getting a review, you’re getting a rant from someone who has a ridiculous grudge against the film.

What use is that? Movie critics are just activists with a socio-political grudge.

People have largely caught onto this. When people go to Rotten Tomatoes, they almost exclusively look at what the audience score is, not the critic score.

Perhaps, one day, professional critics will return to being objective viewers, but we’re not there yet.


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