The Inmates Are Running the Asylum at Disney

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Disney can’t stop.

I’m not entirely sure the exact moment it happened, but I remember back in 2013 I was browsing Tumblr to find the latest and greatest in absolute cringe from the leftist youth. It was the first time I had really ever seen the radical concepts that are mainstream today, be it transgenderism, personality disorders, fat acceptance, and more. It was a treasure trove of things to laugh at.

One of the things that they really liked to do was complain about Disney movies and how they were horribly sexist, racist, and of course, homophobic. The movie they were up in arms about at that time was the soon-to-be-released “Frozen,” which they complained was incredibly white-washed and that all the characters needed to be made into people of color.

It was kind of hilarious at the time. They were, at least in a way, partly contained in this corner of the internet where they could screech about the world and victimize themselves while everyone else was left in peace, but as we now know, that wouldn’t remain the case. These were high school and college students, and we thought that once they hit the real world they would be dosed with reality and change quickly. We were wrong. These were activists in training, and they left college and infected everything from the corporate office to the writer’s studios.

This includes Disney. Soon, the silly demands by radical leftist college students to make things more obedient to the social justice ideology were being executed. A little at first, but then a lot. Soon, you had Disney releasing films that were so soaked in wokeness that they became unwatchable.

As my colleague Bob Hoge reported on Thursday, we’re now at a point where Disney/Pixar’s Baymax character from the children’s movie “Big Hero 6” is looking for tampons, and then people come out of the woodwork to recommend different kinds including a transgender man.

The point is pretty obvious. They want your kid to see transgenderism as normal.

If you were to line up the discussions happening within the walls of Tumblr back in 2013 to the radicalized nonsense being pushed out of Disney today, you’d see barely any difference. The activist left knew that taking over Disney was a priority as Disney was the largest company when it came to childhood entertainment. You can see this kind of influence happening wherever children are the main focus.

Movie studios, video games, comic books, and even schools have been targeted by the activist left to seize your child’s mind and heart early. If they can get your child on board, they won’t have to work in the future for their changes to happen to our nation, your own children will do it for them.

Just like these activists were brainwashed at university, your child will be brainwashed right in your own living room.

I’d like to tell you that the solution is to just turn it off and keep your child from it, but that’s just not going to work. Disney is a massive corporation with a lot of tentacles in a lot of places. At some point, your child will be introduced to its indoctrinating influence.

The goal is clear. It starts with the universities where these children are being turned into activists.

Don’t send them there. Today’s universities are overpriced and about as useless as they are dangerous nowadays. These are breeding grounds for radicalism as extremist professors push their absurd beliefs on unwitting minds who don’t know any better. The chances that your child will emerge dumber than when they went in are incredibly high.

The other is to begin working to get into these places ourselves. Developing talents should be willing to venture into these dens and begin changing them from the inside. From Disney, all the way down to the local theater, conservatives should unapologetically begin taking part and spreading their own influence. This doesn’t mean shoving your beliefs in everyone’s faces, but being a part of the culture is the biggest and most important step.

The culture war goes deep and has been waged on us before we even knew a war was happening, but it’s here. We can’t just turn it off and hope it goes away. We have to act.


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