Disney Can't Stop: Series Features a Robot Getting Tampon Advice From a Trans Man

Wednesday’s episode of the Laura Ingraham show on Fox News brought you the story of a new Disney+ series called Baymax, where a male-voiced robot at a supermarket asks a surprised female customer what menstrual products she suggests. Several others shoppers join in to help with recommendations, including from what all appearances is a male with a trans flag on his shirt.


Ingraham points out that “Disney+’s only warning for the show is about flashing white sequences and patterns,” but gives no warning about the embedded trans ideology.  My kids are older now, but I doubt I’d be thrilled at them viewing this when they were 5 years old. Watch:

Ingraham asked her guest, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute Christopher Rufo, what happened at the end of the clip, and he explained:

Well, it’s very subtle, but what you see is that it’s a trans man wearing a shirt made out of the colors and design of the transgender flag, and the subtle message that they’re promoting is that men can get periods. This is a talking point among trans activists and what Disney has done, and we know this because I’ve obtained internal videos, is that they want to promote trans ideology, first through the background characters.


It gets worse, as he explains:

They’ve actually created a computer program to track these so-called gender non-conforming background characters, and then slowly but surely start to re-engineer the discourse around children and sexuality. And this is just one specific example of exactly what they’re doing—and they’re doing it on purpose.

The problem isn’t just one small clip from a series, Rufo charges. It’s that Disney’s plan is to promote trans ideology in all its offerings.

Disney is recontextualizing some of those older films, really denouncing them for being racist or noninclusive. The company is really being held hostage by radical activists. Ron DeSantis, of course famously in recent months, has stripped Disney of its special status. Disney’s stock price has tumbled $50 billion, and its public approval rating in the last year has gone from 77 to 33 percent favorability.

But Disney no longer seems to care about what its customers think:

And so even despite all of these major warning signs telling Disney it’s time to course correct, they can’t because the radical activists at the ground level within the company have held the corporate executives and the content hostage, and that’s why we’re seeing this today.


Contrast Disney’s condemnation of some of its older films with Paramount’s bolder recent statement on the issue of content from the past. As RedState’s Brandon Morse reports, Paramount Chief Paramount CEO Bob Bakish said:

By definition, you have some things that were made in a different time and reflect different sensibilities. I don’t believe in censoring art that was made historically, that’s probably a mistake.

Disney has different ideas, apparently. This is even as some of Disney’s own employees are lashing out at the company’s woke agenda, decrying the company’s decision to announce it will fund travel costs for abortion seekers.

Of course, not everyone is critical of Disney’s shoving woke ideology down our throats. The Daily Beast dutifully reported, “Conservative idiots are losing their minds over a scene in ‘Baymax’ that includes a transmasculine character shopping in the tampon aisle. The rest of the internet is celebrating.”

No, Beast, the rest of the internet is not celebrating. While there are plenty of tweets in support of Disney’s move, there are also many critics:

I consider it none of my business what sex you identify with, who you sleep with, what you wear, or whether or not you menstruate. What so many liberals don’t understand, though, is that I don’t want sexuality in any form pushed on little kids. Florida’s “don’t say gay law,” which says nothing of the sort, merely codified that teachers shouldn’t be telling elementary kids about sex and sexual ideology; it’s completely inappropriate.  My kids are older, as I said, but when they were young I can tell you I would strongly object to them being subject to shows on menstruation, male “periods,” or any other adult topic.


Let kids be kids, for God’s sake.


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