Trans Women Don't Belong in Women's Sports According to the Majority of America

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It would appear the transgender activist community is losing even more social ground as the American people are signaling that trans women (biological men) do not belong in women’s sports.


According to a poll conducted by the University of Maryland and the radically leftist Washington Post, when asked about the question of transgenderism in sports, Americans voted that they don’t belong:

The poll, conducted May 4 through 17 among 1,503 people across the United States, finds 55 percent of Americans opposed to allowing transgender women and girls to compete with other women and girls in high school sports and 58 percent opposed to it for college and professional sports. About 3 in 10 Americans said transgender women and girls should be allowed to compete at each of those levels, while an additional 15 percent have no opinion.

Age ranges differ at this time, but by the time someone reaches college or pro-age, the overwhelming majority of Americans disapprove. Forty-nine percent disapprove of transgendered kids in “youth sports” while 33 percent approve. However, by the time you get to college and pro levels, Americans overwhelmingly disapprove at 58 percent, while only 28 percent approve.

The poll did, however, find that despite this, Americans generally have a positive attitude toward transgender people. As Charles C.W. Cooke wrote in the National Review about this subject, no one should be surprised by this given America’s general view of “live and let live,” but draws the line when the “let live” part is challenged by the transgender community:


There is an enormous difference between asking for tolerance of your difference and making physical demands of other people on the back of it. If a 30-year-old man says he identifies as a five-year-old, a lot of Americans will say, “okay, whatever, free country.” If that man then demands to enter the five-year-old’s spelling bee, they’ll demur.

The running narrative from mainstream culture is that negative attitudes toward the transgender community stem from blind prejudice and hatred, but this is demonstrably false. What Americans tend truly push back on is the transgender activist community’s insistence that they get to play by different rules than everyone else, and that any resistance to this idea should be punished in a myriad of ways.

This includes being able to rope our children into their lifestyle both in the open and in secret.

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Moreover, it’s clear that the transgender community comes with very real dangers, especially for the American youth, yet the activist community refuses to allow disagreement or even research on the effects of transgender ideology on the young. This further sours the attitudes toward the transgender community, which the activists use as fuel to convince members of the trans community that they’re victims, further isolating them from the rest of society.


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Halting their insistence that biological men who believe they’re women should compete in women’s sports may help to improve relations with the trans community further, but this is unlikely to happen as victimhood is integral to maintaining loyalty among the transgender crowd. Regardless, the people don’t approve and states are likely to pass more laws in the future that forbid men from competing in women’s sports.


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