The Democrats Abortion Stance Reveals Its Total Lack of Faith In the American People

The Democrats Abortion Stance Reveals Its Total Lack of Faith In the American People
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Earlier Wednesday, I was watching South Carolina Senator Tim Scott deliver what might be one of the greatest lines to shatter the abortion argument held by Democrats for ages. It was simple but wildly effective.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen explained to Scott that abortion was good, especially for the black community, because if you’re poor then a baby is only going to make you poorer, and moreover, that baby will just likely be poor all of its life too. She tried to tell Scott that abortion was good economically, especially for black mothers.

Scott had only one response: “I’ll just simply say that as a guy raised by a black woman in abject poverty, I am thankful to be here as a United States senator.”

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I’m not sure if Yellen knew who it was she was talking to, but at that moment she definitely learned. She was, likely unbeknownst to her, addressing the antithesis of her entire argument.

I started to wonder how many stories like Tim Scott’s would never be told because of the Democrat Party’s position on abortion. How many babies were never born that would have done something great. How many times did we kill the person who would have cured cancer by now, or invented a technology that would have changed the world forever? How many leaders did we kill that would have led society to a more prosperous time? How many doctors, philosophers, inventors, and authors?

They’re dead because the Democrat Party and its abortion racket did a damn good job of convincing people that their lives would be better off without a child sucking up all their time and money. They especially focused this message on the black community.

It really makes you take a step back and realize that when it comes to the people, the Democrat Party doesn’t exactly have a lot of faith in it.

The idea that all life is precious isn’t one that the Democrat Party believes in. It focuses on what is useful, mostly. It doesn’t see a child growing inside the womb with the potential to become something great. It doesn’t encourage the parent to be the best parents they can be in order to bring forth the best in their child, so they can go on to achieve much greater heights than we ever dreamed. It looks at the short-term issue and suggests that it be killed.

Meanwhile, everyone else (I wouldn’t even say Republicans or conservatives) looks at the life inside as something marvelous that absolutely could change the world.

One group sees hope and a greater future when they think about the baby in the womb. Another’s view of humanity is so grim that it will casually, if not enthusiastically, suggest that the life inside should be terminated merely for inconveniencing the mother.

Democrats like to pretend that it’s the party of the people and that no one cares about you quite as they do. They want to utilize government to bring about a Utopia where you can live in a perpetual state of bliss. But really, at the end of the day, they’ve proven they don’t think much of you. They’ll abandon you, even turn on you, the moment you become inconvenient.

I think that nothing speaks to this fact more than the abortion issue. Democrats see you as disposable and that your life has no intrinsic value by itself. You must be useful in some regard for them to care.

If they don’t respect you as a developing baby in the womb, then they definitely don’t respect you out of it.

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