Crazed Seattle Pro-Abortion Protesters Resort to Intimidation and Lies at a Church

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

There’s something about not being able to sacrifice babies on the altar of Baal, Moloch, or Karen that really drives the pro-abortion crowd to weird behavior. With these people losing the battle on abortion, and in a really big way, their behavior has ranged from bizarre to violent.


You knew that in the midst of all this, the leftists in Seattle would begin acting up. Sure as night turns into day, these activists dressed up in matching outfits, with picket signs, bullhorns, and a willingness to dramatize every bit of opposition they encountered.

As you can see in the videos below, these pro-abortionists were trying to gain access to St. James Cathedral while mass was in session. As you can also see below, most of them were wearing hospital gowns with fake blood where their wombs are. These outfits were accompanied by a hanger prop.

They laid themselves on the steps. According to the lady shrieking into the bullhorn, it seems their point was that Christians are responsible for the deaths of women who couldn’t get an abortion and so decided to try doing it themselves, resulting in a Darwin award. Apparently, the woman’s choice of trying to abort the baby herself is the Christian’s fault.

At some point, the protesters attempted to gain access to the church. Authorities and security were both there to stop them from doing so. One of the protesters attempted to grab the arm of one of the security guards and was pushed back. The woman appears to make a show of falling down the stairs and staying down as if she were wounded. The guard is then screamed at by other protesters with accusations of being a “predator” and a “pedophile.”


Odd choice of accusation coming from the radical left who been out to indoctrinate children with sexually charged subjects.

Language warning. These people like to spew toxicity and you know that’s going to come with some choice words.

The tactic is pretty evident by now, as it’s been the same tactic for decades. Go in, cause a scene, attempt to push someone to take some sort of physical resistance, and then claim that it was an unwarranted moment of violence. The church is private property and these protesters weren’t allowed in for obvious reasons. They clearly weren’t there to speak respectfully and calmly with those who disagree with them in an attempt at good-faith debate. They were there to intimidate and disrupt. They knew that if they attempted to gain access without permission, someone would be physically rebuffed.

They can then claim that they were just peacefully protesting when their opponents became violent. People with two brain cells to rub together would know, right away, that this is all an act and that these women were never in any danger. However, there are people out there who want to believe they were and thus they create this drama so their allies can make claims of violence and pump themselves up into a frenzy over it.


Given the theme of their protest, it would appear that these women are in danger, just in danger from themselves. If you’re willing to stick coat hangers into places where it could cause irreparable damage in order to kill your own child, then some introspection is in order to better bring your concerns into focus.


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