RedState LIVE! Is Happening Now: The Battle for Free Speech Kicks Into High Gear

“Misinformation” is a word that’s been thrown around so much by the left but its actual concrete meaning has morphed into meaning something other than “falsehood.” Now it just means any piece of information that is inconvenient to the left’s narrative.


Despite the fact that this word is clearly being used in the wrong way, Democrats will use it as a way to silence your free speech and attack anyone who advocates for it. Whether it’s a billionaire looking to create a free-speech haven online or a common worker looking to voice his opinion, the Democrats want you to shut up, listen, and believe.

Judging by some of the things the left is doing now, it would appear the battle for free speech is going to get a lot worse. Let’s talk about it in today’s episode of RedState LIVE!

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