When Shaming Makes You the Bad Guy

Kelley McCall

There are just some people out there that deserve endless amounts of shame for something they did, but what we shame them on can only assist them in looking better to the general public. In the political world, things people shame others for usually revolve around bad political action and that’s fair game. However, it’s when things start to cross over into non-political territory that we start shaming to our own detriment.

It’s important to find that line, especially for conservatives who already have a really bad rap for being less than fun.

To give you a perfect example of what I mean, let’s take a look at the new “Ministry of Truth” secretary, Nina Jackowicz. As we’ve previously covered here at RedState, Jankowicz might be a bit certifiable. She was so in favor of the mask mandates and lockdowns that you’d think she derived some sort of pleasure from it. There’s something about government tightening its hold on the people that makes her weirdly happy.

But that’s something very typical with leftists. What makes Jankowicz stand out is the fact that she likes to sing like she’s on Broadway…a lot. She apparently likes it so much that she decided to talk a childhood classic song from Mary Poppins and, like leftists are wont to do, absolutely ruined it by making it about a leftist message.

This isn’t just infuriating, it’s disgustingly cringy. Not to say that I haven’t put out my fair share of cringe in the past, but nothing on this level. Moreover, you have to ask who this is for? How many adults are going to watch this and think “she makes a really good point and I’m going to join her side!”

Was this for kids? I’ve got sour news for her. Kids born in the last 18 years probably aren’t going to recognize the tune she’s singing and I can guarantee they aren’t going to think it’s that cool. The audience this would reach, elder millennials like myself, have already chosen our side. Ain’t nobody getting sold by this except people already wanting to be sold on it.

But Jankowicz also did this.

And here the line gets blurry. The song she’s singing is “My Christmas Wish (Rich, Famous, and Powerful)” by David Friedman. It’s a song you’ll find many a performer singing, especially around the holidays. It’s a funny song and when performed well can actually be a real crowd-pleaser.

And politics aside, Jankowicz performs the song well. She clearly has the voice and experience to be a solid stage performer.

The only issue with the song is that while the good majority of us want to be either rich, famous, powerful, or all of the above, Jankowicz really, really, really does, and pulled what strings she needed to pull in order to be given the job as head of a government organization straight out of an Orwell novel. The only reason we should be slamming her for that song and the verse “who do I have to f***” is that she believed in her bones that she should be to a point where she could lord power over others.

But just because someone enjoyed the hobby of singing show tunes, it doesn’t make them any less qualified to be a leader. The thing that disqualifies Jankowicz is the fact that she’s clearly an authoritarian nutcase and is the head of an organization that shouldn’t exist in the first place.

The only reason I bring this up is that the last thing we want to do is make it seem like the artistic, expressive, quirky, and maybe even slightly weird aren’t welcome here on the right.

Pretend, for a moment, that Jankowicz isn’t a “tread on me harder, daddy government” nutcase heading up an INGSOC institution. Pretend she’s actually a level-headed, independent thinker who believes woke culture is one of the dumbest things currently in existence and is very kind. Under these conditions, her performance of “My Christmas Wish” is actually charming. She’d be considered very fun.

And that’s what we need here on the right. More people willing to willing to do fun and quirky stuff like this that allows more people to feel welcome. It allows them to feel like they can express themselves as well. Next thing you know, we’re making art and spreading influence, and over time, balance is restored to the big stage.

Politics is downstream from culture, and we definitely don’t want to push people who create culture out of the right. Slamming someone for using their talents for propaganda is definitely a must-do, but just for having fun outside of politics? You probably don’t want to be that guy.


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