Musk Freeing Twitter's Prisoners Will Have a Much Larger Effect on Society Than Some Might Think

Musk Freeing Twitter's Prisoners Will Have a Much Larger Effect on Society Than Some Might Think
AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko

It’s a great day, but I’m about to make it even better for you.

Telsa/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has purchased the “de facto town square” known as Twitter after making it absolutely clear that once he owns it, he will be opening up the platform for more free speech. This has naturally opened the floodgates for the saltiest of meltdowns from lefty Twitter which has effectively lost its advantage in the conversation/debate that happens every single day.

No longer can they say what they want unfettered while their ideological opponents argue with their hands tied behind their backs, nor will they need to be worried about being punished for winning the debate regardless.

Now, information will flow freely. People will get both sides of the argument instead of just one side. Their ability to fool people into believing what “the science” is, or even what the majority of people believe is now far more difficult.

This is going to have further-reaching consequences than many understand.

Again, Musk referred to Twitter as the “de facto town square,” something he’s absolutely correct about. Many people will see what’s happening on Twitter, read the responses to it, and decide which side they lean on the matter based on the majority of the reactions they see.

The leftists who run Twitter have done a lot of work to shadow ban, suspend, and eject people on the platform whose narratives run contrary to the left’s and as such, the voices who challenge them have been severely lessened. As far as many Twitter users are concerned, the majority of America has a leftist bent. There’s pressure to sign on to the majority’s opinion, and the cancel culture mobs on Twitter only make that pressure all the greater.

We’re not just talking random Twitter users either. Business leaders, politicians, and media figures have been known to take their cues from Twitter. A bold declaration one moment will be met with a timid retraction not too much later after Twitter mobs pile on that person or business. This is sometimes followed up with a pledge to “do better” and help the cause of the offended group.

Zooming out on the culture, it’s not hard to see that Twitter had a hand in convincing many businesses and corporations to jerk their wheels to the left. While there are more moving parts, Twitter was definitely a large piece of that puzzle. It’s not hard to convince a business leader or celebrity that the majority of America believes X when you have dozens to hundreds of accounts bearing down on you about X.

Musk has pledged two things. First, to make free speech the central goal of Twitter, and secondly, he said he would purge fake/bot accounts.

There are a lot of those.

From here we can make a prediction. Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, and even middle-of-the-road folk who were previously banned will have their bans lifted. Years and years of bans will suddenly be removed and hundreds, if not thousands of users will return to the town square to add their voices to the conversation. The left won’t be able to stop them and they will find themselves out-argued as they out out-numbered. They can no longer rely on influence by fake numbers to make people back down and/or censor themselves.

Moreover, they can’t rely on an algorithm that will keep their opponent’s responses hidden from everyone else, opening the door for more people to include themselves in the conversation.

People who disagree with the left won’t be so isolated. This includes businesses, celebrities, influencers, and more. The activists won’t be as convincing.

So what happens when corporations, businesses, influencers, etc. suddenly find themselves in good company? What happens when the left no longer controls the conversation and fools people into thinking that their way is the way the people want things?

This isn’t just a changing of the conversation on Twitter, it’s a changing of the national narrative. This is what the left truly feared and why they fought so hard from allowing people to speak out. It was never about “misinformation” it was about the inclusion of information. Their narrative dominance was tipping the scales in their favor but now that’s being removed from the largest conversation platform in the west.

This is a very, very big deal.

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