Journalists Are Finding When They Spit on the People, the People Spit on Them

AP Photo/Robert Bumsted

The media was always supposed to be the window to the world for the people. Journalists were supposed to deliver the news to those who couldn’t get out and get it themselves. However, at some point, journalism became a repository for ideologues who had agendas to push.


Soon the news was no longer the news, it was pure propaganda. Various citizens began taking up the torch to fill in the blanks left by a heavily biased to the left media and upon the creation of the internet, the citizen journalist became more trusted than the journalist.

This never taught the journalists a lesson. The news media doubled down on their propagandizing and even began to show open contempt for those they were delivering the news to. They attempted to shut down those who challenged them and ruin those whom they didn’t like. They abused the very people they were supposed to deliver news to.

Naturally, the contempt was returned, and now the people revolt against the media openly and even joyfully.

We’re seeing a perfect example of this happening in Ottowa right now as journalists are being mocked, drowned out, driven away, and even spit on.

Is it right to spit on journalists? No, but it’d be accurate to say that this is happening because they’ve been spitting on the people for years now. The mainstream media has done nothing but make the lives of the people more difficult. They’ve targeted, threatened, mocked, and lied about us repeatedly, destroying lives and communities in their quest for narrative control.


Now, when they show up to these communities to continue doing evil, they’re somehow aghast that they’re being treated with such contempt. They truly believe they are somehow the victims in all this.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but the people didn’t ask for this. In a perfect world, the press would be doing exactly what it should be doing and just reporting the news as it is, not what they want it to be. The people would be wholly informed about all sides of things instead of the media serving only one side of the aisle and handing people lies and half-truths.

We would prefer the media to be unbiased watchers, but they’re not. They’re leftist mouthpieces who wanted to be part of the story, not just tell it.

And if that’s the case and they show up to places like the freedom convoy then they can only blame themselves when they’re viewed as enemies. No, they shouldn’t be assaulted in any way, but they can’t expect decency when they’ve been nothing but indecent to everyone else.

When you spit on people, they tend to spit back.



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