Readers are Signaling DC to Stop Trying to Make Woke 'Superman' a Thing

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It’s not Doomsday or some dark army that’s killing Superman, it’s woke writers, and readers aren’t having it.

As RedState previously reported, one of America’s most iconic superheroes, Superman, was sidelined in order to replace him with his gay, climate alarmist, and pro-illegal immigrant activist son, Jonathan. It’s a move that didn’t surprise anyone. DC Comics has doubled down on wokeness and has no sign of letting up.


This is even in the face of constantly falling comic sales and vocal rejection from DC’s dwindling fanbase.

This new Superman, in particular, is getting clear signals from the audience that this hero just won’t fly. According to Bounding Into Comics, far fewer readers are showing up to see this iteration of Superman than previous ones:

Previous estimates for the book’s sales showed it was in the gutter with Comichron claiming the first book of Superman: Son of Kal-El only sold 68,800 issues back in July when it first debuted. That was good for the 17th best selling comic of the month.

The most recent data compiled by Comichron reveals that the book’s third issue only sold 34,000 copies in September. That was good for the 77th best selling comic of the month.

That 68,800 number for the first issue is even worse when you compare it to previous Superman #1 issues. When the series was rebooted when Brian Michael Bendis took over the title back in 2018, Superman #1 sold 133,700 copies.

In June 2016, when DC relaunched their entire line with DC Rebirth, Superman Rebirth #1 sold 118,434 copies and Superman #1 sold 105,380 copies.

When DC rebooted their entire universe with The New 52 in September 2011, Superman #1 sold 118,376 copies.


DC’s big seller is Batman with 48 of the company’s top 50 comics being dominated by Batman titles.

Get woke, go broke.

It’s unclear how many times a company must try this before the people who run it learn their lesson, but one thing is for sure, many of them never will. For many of those who have implanted themselves into various industries in order to cultivate and export leftist politics, money was never the end-game, and success for the company is a far-distant concern. The main goal is the message.

They will continue to poison the company with political messaging that won’t sell and turn people away. So long as they’re getting the leftist narratives out, they consider their time there a success. Woke Superman is bombing, but do those creating the comic, they’ve co-opted a famous American brand and corrupted it so it serves their purposes. Superman is no longer about “truth, justice, and the American way.” Now it’s “truth, justice, and a better tomorrow,” and they can make that mean whatever they want.

For them, “a better tomorrow” means whatever these extreme leftists say it does, and it takes very little research to find out that what they want is highly destructive, authoritarian, and backward.


Many in America have seen it, and want no part in it, and so they tune out. Woke Superman isn’t selling for two reasons: They don’t want politics in their escapism and/or they don’t agree with the politics in the first place.

Hopefully, DC does go broke and is sold off to a company that will craft better stories and characters, but until then it will suffer the same consequences every other company has after it embraced the radical left.


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