Washington State Proves Democrats Are Willing to Let You Suffer Over Politics

Virginia Department of Transportation via AP

Yesterday, I covered the horrific story of how the Ronald McDonald House in British Columbia was willing to kick out a five-year-old child with leukemia because he and his parents were not vaccinated, marking one of the lowest points in the COVID-19 saga. It was proof that the leftists in the west were willing to sink to abominable depths to get their way.

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Today, we have another example, this time from Washington State where politicians are rejecting help to get supplies to the people over the vaccination status of those who could help.

According to Fox News, the state’s Department of Transportation has denied help from a county to help clean up a “freak winter storm” due to the county not mandating vaccinations for their employees:

“Washington State informed Kittitas County they could not accept this assistance due to Kittitas County not mandating the COVID-19 vaccination for County employees. The Kittitas County Board of Commissioners is extremely disappointed with the States’ position to refuse assistance,” a press release from Kittitas County on Wednesday states.

The county received significant snowfall over Jan. 5 and 6, which was described as a “freak winter storm” by local outlet KHQ. The storm forced the Snoqualmie Pass to close for over 90 hours and some supply chain issues were subsequently reported, according to the outlet.

The county offered assistance to the Washington State Department of Transportation to clean up state roads on Jan. 11 but was subsequently denied over lack of vaccine mandate.

While the county would go on to hire out contractors to do the work, spending $40,000 in taxpayer money in the process, the key issue is that the closure of these roads prohibited supplies from getting to the people, and instead of allowing people to do their jobs and keep the supply chain going smoothly, they played politics and refused that help instead to prove a point.

In short, Democrats are willing to endanger people in order to enforce arbitrary rules that solve minuscule problems. To be sure, Omicron is the definition of a minuscule problem at this point, being more of an annoyance than an actual threat to civilization. Yet, this doesn’t seem to matter to the leftists who would literally kick a cancerous child out into an uncertain future due to not being vaccinated against a virus that is about as dangerous as the common cold, then actually come to their senses and realize that they’re going too far.

With supply chain issues already bad enough, making the problem worse by upholding stupid rules in order to apply pressure to get people to comply is only going to make things worse. Logistics aside, this amounts to evil. It’s not likely that anyone suffered too greatly from the supply chain interruption but we know that Democrats are willing to go to great lengths in order to enforce their ideas. How long would they have let the town suffer if it was bad enough and they had compliance issues all around? Thankfully we didn’t have to find out this time, but judging by the recent actions of Democrats, I’m sure they would have let it go on too long.

Their authoritarianism mixed with their fears has replaced their common sense. The vaccine does nothing to halt the spread of Omicron, yet that obvious fact doesn’t seem to factor into their decision-making at all. If you look at it objectively, this is a very bizarre way of acting and a dangerous way of governing.

Yet, this is the modern left and the Democrat Party to boot. It’s a very “my way or the highway” kind of thinking, and they will even go so far as to make decisions that imperil the people they claim to be protecting, all in an attempt to get their way.

Vote accordingly.


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