Mike Rowe and Tim Pool Discuss How Leftists Wouldn't Survive the Apocalypse

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By and large, leftists like to consider themselves higher-minded and more civilized people than the bumpkin peasants of middle America. If you’re tooling engines in a shop or maintaining pipes in a sewer, the left generally believes you’re probably not very refined as a person.


One thing that has always been a point of contention between these elitists and everyone else is that if these blue-collar workers disappeared tomorrow, civilization would collapse and these leftists who thought they were too good for the rabble would be the first to die off. They take civilization, something that these blue-collar workers built, for granted.

It’s an opinion that former “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe shares and he discussed as much with podcast host Tim Pool in a very interesting conversation.

“Liberals won’t survive the apocalypse,” Pool began. “People in cities won’t know how to survive. They don’t know how to hunt. And there are a lot more people who are more rural who believe they will probably fare better.”

Pool added that many of these “Starbucks hippies” wouldn’t do too well if and when it all goes belly-up, implying that they wouldn’t know how to take care of themselves, a complete opposite assessment he gave to rural farmers who know how to work the land and raise livestock.

Rowe couldn’t help but agree, pointing out which team he’d be on in these situations.

“If you had to choose a side — I mean it’s “Walking Dead” time, okay,” said Rowe. “You’re gonna have to hunker down in a place that is primarily populated with well-educated, thoughtful writers and thinkers? Or hunters and gatherers and builders? What team do you go on when things get sporty?”


This conversation brings up an interesting thought experiment.

What happens when civilization collapses? How many people would die and how quickly because they don’t have the ability to take care of themselves, or know how to fish or hunt? How used to creature comforts are people that the moment things did regress back into a sort of dark age that many would rather end it themselves because they can’t handle the strain of life without ease?

To be sure, both people on the right and the left have gotten soft, but it’s doubtless that people on the right would be more willing to embrace a survivalist lifestyle than the left. The left has, by and large, taken civilization for granted and become wholly reliant upon it as a result. They think peace, full stomachs, and goods just happen. The right typically understands the mechanics of society and while it’s likely many would die, the right would be most likely to resort to the basics of these mechanics and also be the most likely to reorder them to restore civilization.

But all this also leads to other questions. If we were facing the collapse of our country due to an attack, who would be the first to go? Once again, the leftist would be the obvious choice since they’re wholly resistant to the idea of self-defense through the best means. For hundreds of years, the leftists have had other people do their fighting for them and even spitting on them for it. They wouldn’t be able to defend


When you really break it down, the leftists have had all of their needs taken care of for them be it farming, maintenance, or defense, and their true status as a societal parasite would become very apparent in the event of civilization’s collapse. When savagery of nature rears its head, the leftist won’t be able to “woke” himself to victory. He’ll likely be consumed by whatever force is bearing down on him, be it starvation or violence.

Pool and Rowe are right. The left isn’t surviving the apocalypse.


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