CNN Goes to Bizarre Lengths to Defend AOC's Maskless Florida Romp

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The left’s sweetheart and hard-left squad member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is like many leftists in that she’ll demand you act unselfishly and do something massively inconvenient to you because it’s for the greater good, then she’ll go and do the opposite of the thing she demanded of you because she thinks the rules don’t apply to her.


Case in point, AOC was seen partying it up in Miami, Florida with drag queens, and nary a mask was seen. An odd thing considering she’s one of those people who are for some of the toughest restrictions when it comes to COVID-19, including requiring vaccine papers to sit and eat at a restaurant in her district. As my colleague Nick Arama pointed out, this is the same AOC who wanted to vote by proxy on multiple occasions due to fears about the virus.

And like any typical leftist, AOC did what leftists do when called out in public for obvious hypocrisy and attempt to distract from it all by making it about something completely different. In this case, it was about how Republicans are sexually frustrated and that they’re taking their frustrations out on her.

It’s pretty by the book when it comes to AOC, but what about the media?

The mainstream press largely ignored AOC’s massive hypocrisy, which is par for the course. According to Fox News, the New York Times, Washington Post, and MSNBC couldn’t be bothered to highlight AOC partying it up in a state they like to condemn, and without a mask to boot, which they like to chastise the peasantry for. To be sure, they see AOC as above the rabble, and as such, she can do as her majesty pleases.

However, CNN can always be relied upon to take things into ridiculous territory, and take things into ridiculous territory they did.


Fox News reported that the leftist network dedicated an entire segment to AOC’s fired-from-the-hip talking point that it all comes from sexual frustrations from the right:

CNN covered Ocasio-Cortez on Monday morning but not the whole maskless trip to a crowded bar.

Instead, the liberal network dedicated a segment to the “Squad” leader’s recent tweet accusing Republicans of being motivated by “sexual frustrations” when they criticize her. Analyst Mary Katharine Ham questioned if AOC’s trip was “dangerous” to her health during the segment, but CNN failed to air the viral images of the maskless bar scene or even specifically mention she ditched her mask in the Sunshine State.

CNN did not mention AOC since the viral photos emerged other than the “New Day” segment that ignored the mask hypocrisy, according to a search of transcripts via Grabien Media.

To be clear, a major “news” network didn’t highlight the hypocrisy of AOC, they didn’t talk about the dangers of her going maskless amongst a packed crowd in a state they’ve been claiming is a danger to itself and the rest of the country either.

What they did do is focus on this idea that the right is mad because it’s not getting laid enough.

Firstly, that’s untrue. According to a 2020 survey, Republicans are having more sex (and more satisfying sex to boot) than Democrats with Democrats more likely to watch pornography than actually do the deed. This has been a pattern for years now, with Vice even attempting to venture out to find out why in 2016.


But despite this info being readily available, CNN attempted to foster AOC’s narrative that Republicans are sexually frustrated. When you break it down, it’s not even a news item. At best, it’s a petty jab at best and not even a good one.

This is just CNN lazily running defense for AOC with a narrative you’d find circulating around high school hallways.

And they wonder why they’re in last place. CNN isn’t a news organization, it’s TMZ for Democrats dressed as a news organization.

My apologies to TMZ for that comparison.


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