The Vaccine Is Proving That the 'Experts'...Aren't

The Vaccine Is Proving That the 'Experts'...Aren't
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Like you, I was relentlessly dogged with messaging that getting the vaccine was the path to stopping the pandemic. While it was easy to see from the beginning that the vaccine wasn’t stopping the virus, leftist politicians and the media seemed to be in complete and total denial of it.

President Joe Biden himself guaranteed that getting the jab would end the pandemic. People were promised by experts and medical professionals that getting the vaccine was going to return us to normal. Stephen Colbert was out there dancing with people in needle costumes singing about how the vaccine would end the pandemic.

I was personally never anti-vaccine and did get it myself after circumstances forced my hand, but I was never under any delusion that this was going to prevent me from contracting the virus if I ever came in contact with it.

When Omicron arrived on the scene and I heard about its highly contagious nature, I knew it was likely only a matter of time before I came in contact with it myself, especially since I’d be traveling over the course of the Christmas season. Sure enough, I tested positive for the COVID-19 virus when I got home and as I write this I’m still fighting it off, and feeling better every day.

Speaking to my doctor about it revealed something interesting, and not in terms of what she said to me, but what she didn’t say to me. She did ask me if I was vaccinated at the beginning of the visit while filling out paperwork, but didn’t exactly tell me how this would affect me while I fought off the virus. I tried pressing her further later, asking how fast I could expect to come out of the other side of the sickness.

What she didn’t say was “the vaccine should help you get through it faster” as I expected. What she did say was “it differs from person to person.”

She’s not wrong. I personally never did well with viruses that attack the lungs and the virus hit me a tad harder than some. A friend of mine got hit with it and suffered more, having to be hospitalized. A member of my family also has it, and she’s only complained of feeling like she has a slight cold.

It highlights my doctor’s point well.

The vaccine may help some to overcome the virus once they get it, but at the end of the day, it seems to really boil down to the person and how their bodies deal with these things.

One thing that we can be very conclusive about, however, is that the vaccine is not going to stop you from getting and suffering from the virus. The promises by the experts, politicians, and members of the media were all lies.

You’ll notice that they’re now quietly stepping away from the claim that the vaccine will end the pandemic and they’re now pushing it as more of an aid to helping you overcome it, and here we have a huge issue, and the issue is that they’re still pushing the vaccine on people to the point of force as if it the vaccine will end the pandemic.

This would almost be understandable if the goal was to minimize hospitalizations, but Omicron has proven to be the mildest of all the variants to the point where even some doctors were welcoming it into the U.S. so that it would drive out delta as the common variant.

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Even I would consider this one of the least difficult lung viruses I’ve suffered and that’s coming from as a guy who suffers badly from lung viruses.

This is not something to panic about as a society. This is something that should concern people on a case-by-case basis. Yet they keep wanting us to panic about it as a society.

If the experts were wrong from the beginning and they continue to push the same strategy with the same level of panic, only changing the narrative just slightly, then these experts aren’t actually experts, these are hucksters.


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