Pelosi Stutters as Her Build Back Better Cheerleading Interrupted by a More Popular Slogan

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Biden’s “Build Back Better” ballyhoo isn’t popular, including with some Democrats. In fact, the most (arguably) powerful Democrat in the Senate right now, Joe Manchin, has turned his back on it, sending some of the left’s most radical elected officials into tantrums.


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Ever the team player if that team benefits “Team Pelosi,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was out promoting the $1.2 trillion monstrosity on infrastructure spending in the safety of San Francisco. Or, at least, it was supposed to be safe.

But no one is safe from the most popular chant of this day and age. There’s nowhere you can run from it. Nowhere you can hide. It will find you.

And it found Pelosi.

As Pelosi was attempting to introduce San Francisco Mayor London Breed and Rep. Mark DeSaulnier, a very loud “Let’s go, Brandon” flew in from somewhere in the ether and hit Pelosi hard enough that she began to stumble over her words. This was then followed up by a “USA” chant.

Pelosi manages to stammer out DeSaulnier’s name as a light applause from the very light crowd is drowned out by the man chanting “USA.”


Despite Manchin blowing a hole in the Build Back Better plan that was so large that the ship is sinking, Pelosi is still promoting it, hoping for a vote to happen early next year.

“This will happen. It must happen,” Pelosi said to reporters. “And we will do it as soon as we can. There are conversations that are ongoing, but we cannot walk away from this commitment.”

“We will not let this opportunity pass,” she said. “And I have confidence that Senator Manchin cares about our country and that, at some point very soon, we can take up the legislation. I’m not deterred at all.”

Bold words, but probably hollow ones. Manchin is, thus far, joined by Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema putting any passing of the bill just out of reach. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has mentioned that the vote next year will be done more to put Democrats who vote against it on record, which hasn’t seemed to bother either Manchin or Sinema.

As my colleague Bonchie mentioned, the move by Schumer betrays the simple fact that they have no recourse here:

In other words, there’s no actual strategy here. Rather, this is Schumer kicking and screaming to try to please the far-left base of the party. And it’s that insistence on prioritizing a small segment of the political population that put Democrats in this position in the first place. They never should have tried to enact “transformational” change in a 50-50 US Senate. That never made any sense. FDR had the equivalent of a 75-25 Senate majority when he passed the New Deal. There’s just no comparison.


The ship is sinking, but Schumer is trying to put as many Democrats into lifeboats as possible. Either way, this will go down as just another failure for Democrats who won’t have much in the way of momentum come midterms.

Let’s go, Brandon.


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