Democrats are Desperately Trying to Convince You the Emperor Isn't Naked

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The story of the kid who pointed out the ruler of his lands was completely naked during a parade after the emperor had been bamboozled into thinking invisible thread was used to make the grandest clothing he’d ever worn has never been more applicable than it has now with Democrats, the vaccine, and the virus.


As Streiff reported on Monday, three prominent Democrats Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker came down with COVID-19 despite having been vaxxed and boosted. Already, the excuses are flying.

Michigan Democrat Sen. Debbie Stabenow popped onto MSNBC to toss out ye ol’ “it’s my neighbor’s fault defense” that’s usually used by the city of Chicago to explain its gun crime. According to Stabenow, the reason Booker and Warren caught the virus is because of those dastardly Republicans who aren’t masked up.

“People on my side of the aisle are uniformly wearing masks, unfortunately, people on the Republican side, the majority are not, which is also frustrating — but I obviously send them my best,” said the Senator. “Thank goodness they have both been vaccinated and received a booster, which hopefully means that they will not have serious symptoms as a result of this.”

As you can see, Stabenow is using this opportunity to push the vaccine even more.

“We know that this new variant is extremely contagious and we also know that it is not that serious if you have been vaccinated and boosted,” she said. “So, I would encourage everyone to do that as a Christmas present, as a holiday present for themselves and their families.”


There sits the vaccine in all its splendor with its booster in tow, but there you stand in the crowd watching the procession go by and notice that the vaccine isn’t doing much to protect you from the virus. You speak up and point out the obvious. So does the rest of the crowd.

However, the vaccine’s heralds denounce what is clearly right in front of your face.

“Of course it works!” they shout at you. “You should get the vaccine, and get boosted, and get the next vaccine when it’s released, and get your kids vaccinated, and you should mask up, and you should social distance, and you should lockdown.”

You noticed these vaccine heralds do none of those things when they think you’re not watching. Also, one of their own said the quiet part out loud and said that the cloth masks we’re wearing are “little more than facial decorations.”

The clear and obvious fact is that the vaccine doesn’t work. It may make you feel a bit better if you come into contact with Omicron, but Omicron is already incredibly mild despite being far more contagious. In fact, it’s so mild that the doctor who discovered it thinks the world needs to calm down in its panic about it. One doctor out of San Francisco noted that if it is as light as it’s proving to be, we’d all be lucky if it pushed out the Delta variant.


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So really what the vaccine does is make the effects of a cold-like virus feel less so, but you’re still more than capable of spreading it and catching it.

We could, at this point, literally take an Advil and it would address most of the Omicron symptoms like slight body aches and a headache. We don’t need to inject anything into our bodies at this point.

It’s over.

Yet Democrats want you to panic and worship the vaccine. Seems a bit odd, doesn’t it?

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