2022 Will Either Be the Beginning of the End of the Democrat's Radicalism or Its Relevance

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Things get worse before they tend to get better and it’s never been worse for Democrats. To be sure, it’s their own fault.

For years, they relied on the more radical elements of the left to coerce, guilt, and intimidate their way into power and in doing so they opened the door for that radicalism to infect their party to the point of controlling it.

Since that’s happened, the Democrats have had one hell of a time trying to accomplish much outside of cancel culture and total media compliance, both of which have worn out their welcome among the general populace. This also includes radical legislation that can’t seem to see the light of day since it always dies in the Senate.

And it’s this problem in the Senate that we can see the future of the Democrat Party or at least two different versions of it.

Senator Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema have been a massive pain in the Democrat’s everything and only because they’re doing what they’re supposed to do; their jobs. These two Democrats concern themselves with doing what their constituents want them to, not necessarily what the party does, and as a result, the radical plans of the left fall apart.

For every time that Manchin and Sinema refuse to tow the party line, the radical Democrats get angrier and angrier. Sinema has already been stalked into bathrooms and had protesters show up outsider her friend’s wedding.

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Manchin is hounded as well, but more so behind the scenes. As Larry O’Connor detailed in an article on the matter at Townhall, Manchin describes Joe Biden’s staff as so toxic they ruin any chance for cooperation:

According to Manchin, the wheels came off for him after many bad encounters with the Biden White House. Sources keep citing “incivility” as his biggest problem with the Ivys running the show at 1600 Pennsylvania.

“It’s not the president, it’s the staff. And they drove some things and put some things out that were absolutely inexcusable,” he told West Virginia radio host Hoppy Kercheval.

There’s no doubt civility is a trait Manchin values, and if the snot-nosed jerks at the White House like Ron Klain and Jen Psaki treat him with the same kind of know-it-all disdain they treat all of us with, there’s no doubt Manchin had very little motivation to do them any favors at all, especially when those favors include going back on all his promises to his voters and destroying his state’s leading industries as the Build Back Better Boondoggle would surely have done.

A path is diverging here.

It’s clear that no one is getting anything done with the radicals in charge, and as all accounts show, the radicals are definitely in charge. Democrats are, at some point, going to get tired of no movement happening. Moreover, as time goes on, the old phrase that Reagan spoke about the party leaving him is ringing true in the present day. Democrats seem to be leaving the party and becoming Republicans.

At some point, something has to give. Either the radicals will continue to grow their influence over the party and stall themselves trying to climb faster than they should or Manchin and Sinema’s moderate approach will teach Democrats that the way to get things done is to stand up and push back against those to the left of them.

To be sure, the radical left won’t go quietly. The media will turn on the moderates, the culture will try to make it uncool to be one of them, but if Manchin and Sinema are followed then the mainstream media will continue to get nothing but echoes in return.

It’ll get worse before it gets better, but if it even gets better is ultimately up to the Democrat voters. They can continue to stand by and let radicals control their party, or they can push back. Either way, the Democrat Party is going to change.


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