Dirty Politics: The Left Isn't Just Trying to Intimidate Sinema, They're Trying to Toxify Her to Everyone Around Her

Dirty Politics: The Left Isn't Just Trying to Intimidate Sinema, They're Trying to Toxify Her to Everyone Around Her
AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

One of the left’s favorite pastimes is now harassing Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema. They follow her into bathrooms, harass her on airplanes, and now they’re turning it up a notch.

As my colleague Nick Arama reported on Saturday, Sinema was officiating the wedding of a friend in a small courtyard behind a fence in Brisbee, Arizona. Regardless of one’s politics, respect should be given to people on one of the most important days of their life, but leftist protesters have never been concerned about respect or appropriate times and places for making their point. In fact, as they’ve shown, they specifically want to move in on Sinema at times when it’s most inappropriate.

This is purposeful as it potentially can give two outcomes.

Firstly, it makes Sinema’s life far harder and as such, she caves to the whims of the protesters. If everywhere she turns she’s confronted by angry leftists, the hope is that she’ll give in to them like a weak-willed parent giving in to their child’s temper tantrum just to get a modicum of peace. That’s the obvious result.

But the other is to make life harder for her colleagues, friends, family, and students.

What they’re effectively doing is holding those in Sinema’s life hostage until Sinema gives in to their demands. Sinema has to watch as her friends suffer as a result of her decisions to not toe the line like a good little Democrat, and the hope is that her friends will begin to avoid her, disinvite her (or possibly disinvite herself), or disassociate with her in order to avoid too much scrutiny and blowback.

It’s not unlikely that these activists will go so far as to begin harassing Sinema’s friends and family without Sinema even being there.

The goal is social terrorism. There is no place too private, too sacred, or too inappropriate to harass her in. Everyone is fair game no matter the time and place. Whatever these activists need to do in order for the Democrat party to get their way, they will do it, and they will do it shamelessly.

While this often goes too far in terms of social acceptability, it often doesn’t go too far legally and so these social terrorists will continue to terrorize as often as possible. The best recourse Sinema has at this time is to do what she’s been doing, which is ignore them and continue to serve the best interests of her state, not a party, and especially not the radicalized part of her party.

Earlier, I eluded to these protesters being a lot like children throwing a temper tantrum, and it’s a more accurate description than any other. Like giving in to these crying and screaming children will only teach them that crying and screaming get them what they want, these screaming and foot stamping grown-children will only be taught that their disgusting tactics are effective if Sinema caves.

This will be difficult, especially given the targeting of Sinema’s friends as well. Playing on Sinema’s guilt as she watches her friend’s lives become harder as a result of her own profession isn’t easy, but so long as Sinema holds strong she can teach these radical leftists that their tactics won’t work on her and they might as well give it up.

Moreover, if others do the same, the frequency with which the left attempts to harass and intimidate people will drop. It will be a tactic that never goes away, but it is one that we could stand to see less of.

In the meantime, Sinema’s supporters both on the left and the right should flood her office with encouragement. She could probably use it right now.

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