The Real Virus Everyone Is Afraid of Is the One That Can Only Hurt You If You Let It

The Real Virus Everyone Is Afraid of Is the One That Can Only Hurt You If You Let It
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I’ve been saying that what we knew as the pandemic has been over for some time. The original COVID-19 virus did have some danger attached to it, but as variants have emerged, the virus has done what viruses do and that’s become far more contagious yet less deadly.

The goal of every virus is to become just like the most famous one in human history, the common cold. It’s easy to transmit from one person to another, and it’s bothersome, but it’s hardly deadly.

Omicron has made it to the scene now, and to be sure, it’s the mildest yet transmissible version of the Coronavirus yet. As The Hill reported, research finds it’s 70 times more contagious than previous COVID-19 variants, yet is far less dangerous:

Researchers from the University of Hong Kong’s LKS Faculty of Medicine found that after 24 hours of infection, the omicron variant multiplied in the human bronchus 70 times faster than the delta variant and original coronavirus strain.

They also discovered that omicron infection in the lungs was “significantly lower” than the initial COVID-19 strain, “which may be an indicator of lower disease severity,” according to a statement from the university.

The strain replicated in human lung tissue at a rate that was more than 10 times lower than the original COVID-19 strain, which suggests that it may cause less-severe illness.

While it’s always possible that a freak mutation may cause it to return to a dangerous form, it’s highly unlikely. COVID-19, like every other virus, will likely fade into obscurity until it too becomes some reason you felt cruddy for a few days without understanding why. You’ll go on with your life largely uninterrupted, likely thinking it’s just allergies.

Omicron is so mild that doctors are hoping that it spreads so it crowds out the Delta variant. When doctors are saying the virus is the cure for the virus, the pandemic is over. Full stop.

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The real virus isn’t the Coronavirus, and judging by how people are interacting like it’s no big deal, including those who consider themselves loyal and obedient Democrats, the COVID-19 virus is done.

So why do they continue to pretend like it’s going to kill us all?

Over the course of the age of COVID, I’ve made it clear that there’s a lot of money to be made from the virus. The CEO of Pfizer has been pushing for a 4th vaccine which, by the sounds of it, Democrats are more than willing to push on citizens. It’s a complete denial of science while people like Fauci proclaim they are “the science” and “the science” say we need to panic, get shots, and do as we’re told.

But it doesn’t explain everyone else on the left. They clearly don’t believe they’re in danger by their behavior.

It’s because the real virus is psychological. People aren’t afraid of the virus, but they sure are afraid of what might befall them if they stop pretending they are. They would rather be on social media signaling their virtue about staying home, staying safe, masking up, and getting the vaccine despite their full knowledge that none of it matters, because if they even step one toe out of line then they know they’ll become a pariah.

They even go so far as to put their children in masks in order to signal this virtue despite the virus having almost no effect on them, to begin with.

It’s almost like a bunch of trolls trolling trolls. No one believes what they’re saying, but everyone wants to pretend to.

The real virus is social conditioning. You must obey or be canceled. You must submit or be labeled the enemy. You must not question or you’ll be grouped in with (horror of horrors) the conservatives.

The pandemic is over, but the “pandemic” is raging on.


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