Seth Rogen Has Gone Strangely Quiet About His Failed Woke Christmas Cartoon

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It hasn’t been a good time for Seth Rogen. He was excited about his Christmas cartoon called “Santa Inc.” on HBO Max he released with Sarah Silverman that contained a feminist message about bringing down the patriarchy as represented by Santa Claus, a white man taking credit for the hard work of more diverse elves.


But that excitement quickly turned to anger as his toon bombed horrifically. He tried to use these bad audience reviews to his advantage by lashing out on Twitter and proclaiming that his show had “really pissed off tens of thousands of white supremacists,” effectively trying to make his fellow leftists want to watch it out of spite and/or coming to its defense.

Only that didn’t work either. Rogen’s anti-Christmas cartoon languished under bad audience reviews and next to no actual critic reviews.

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When I wrote about this initially, “Santa Inc.” had an abysmal audience score of three percent on Rotten Tomatoes from the audience, and no critic score due to the lack of reviews from professional critics. Rogen will be pleased to know that as of this writing, the score actually has gone up to a whopping four percent.

I’m sure he’s proud, but sadly this still makes “Santa Inc.” one of the worst-rated shows of all time on Rotten Tomatoes.

Jeremy Hambly of The Quartering on YouTube has been keeping up with the debacle and noticed something very interesting. Neither Rogen nor Silverman seems to be commenting about their own cartoon anymore.


Sure enough, I went into Rogen’s Twitter feeds to see if he had said anything further, and he hasn’t. Doing a Google search also reveals that when it comes to Rogen, all media outlets seem to have moved on in talking about this debacle and more attention seems to be directed toward Rogen showing up super high at an Adele concert.

If I didn’t know any better, the new strategy seems to be not to defend “Santa Inc.” but to completely memory hole it. Not only do news outlets seem to be diverting attention away from it, but Rogen and Silverman also seem to want to go radio silent about the catastrophe.

You would figure that there would be more of an effort to defend the monstrosity, at least from woke fans and even media allies, but there isn’t. Journalists don’t even want to touch it, either in reviews or discussing the apparent “white supremacists” that are attacking it.

It seems that Rogen has taken a massive “L” here, but it’s not really just Rogen, it’s the idea that people are into this kind of “comedy.” It’s the kind of comedy that’s not meant to elicit laughter but agreement from those in Rogen’s camp. The issue is that most people aren’t in Rogen’s camp. Wokeness is losing its luster in society, as well it should. It’s one of the most racist, sexist, and bigoted ideologies America has ever adopted as a mainstream trend.


He can try to label them as “white supremacists” all he wants, but in the end, Rogen is the one looking down on others and trying to cause division. Trying to tie this divisiveness to Christmas was a recipe for disaster from the get-go.

A well-deserved failure.


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