Seth Rogen Is Lashing out as His Woke Christmas Cartoon Bombs

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If you don’t like Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman’s new woke animated Christmas series “Santa Inc.” then you’re a white supremacist according to Rogen. If that’s the case, then apparently everyone is a white supremacist, because the reviews are so bad that it’s become one of the worst-rated series ever.


The series is an “R-rated animated Christmas comedy with a touch of a feminist agenda” according to the promo by Rogen and Silverman. The premise of the show is that the role of Santa is typically one played by a white man, and that’s an issue for some reason. If it wasn’t obvious already, the allegory here is that lesser, more diverse workers do all the heavy lifting only to have a white man take all the credit.

But lo, dear reader! One female elf has a dream to become the first female Santa, and what follows is supposed to be a patriarchy smashing good time.

The show is rife with jokes that only the left would find funny, such as the elf Candy Smalls (Silverman) telling Santa (Rogan) that more people believe in him than vaccines or the Holocaust, penis size jokes, and a lot of talk about toxic masculinity.

I’d say they’re all good-natured jokes, but they clearly aren’t. There were definitely some malicious feelings in the crafting of the script and the jokes just come off as mean-spirited. It’s a “comedy” that, if viewed live, would elicit more “clapter” from those pre-greased to find these kinds of “jokes” good than actual laughter from general audiences.

In the end, it doesn’t come off as a Christmas show, but more like an anti-Christmas one, which is exactly what you’d expect from hard-leftists whose idea of fun begins and ends with how it benefits political activism. Bottom line; it’s awful.


And the audience has made sure to get that point across. As of this writing, the average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is an abysmal three percent. I’d tell you what the critic score is, but according to Rotten Tomatoes, there haven’t been enough submissions to calculate a score. To be clear, this show has been out for over a week now, but it seems professional reviewers have refused to touch it. I thought that if I gave it more time there would at least be a change, but there hasn’t been. This has been the score for days now.

Looking at the audience reviews tells us a story of a show that has little to no entertainment value but a ton of political messaging. It’s safe to assume that what we’re seeing is a review bomb and not everyone actually watched the show in order to take shots at it, but regardless you’ll find little in the way of a good review.

This clearly made Rogen angry, but so brainwashed is Rogen that he believed he could actually use the backlash against it to convince people that those bashing his new show are “white supremacists” and that people should rush to go watch his Christmas special right now in order to stick it to them. He even throws in a Kafka trap for good measure.

“We really pissed off tens of thousands of white supremacists with our new show which is now available on HBOMAX! (Please read the responses to this tweet for confirmation),” he tweeted. 


The backlash to this tweet was indeed quick and plenty, but if there was anything indicating that the backlash was a defense of white supremacy, I couldn’t find it. Mostly, it was people reassuring him that his new Christmas toon was, indeed, absolute garbage and that calling it out as such doesn’t make one a white supremacist. It’s hard to argue with these people, especially since some of the people calling him out weren’t white.

The lesson here is obvious, but it’s a lesson that’s been obvious for years now. “Woke comedy” is objectively unfunny and fails to actually convince anyone to tune in with the exception of the small but loud social justice community. The real hilarity in all of this, is that even the overtly loud social justice community and their pide pipers in the media are staying awfully quiet about this show.


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