The Left's Philosophy of "Selflessness" Is a Total Façade and They Should Be Challenged

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The left is anything if not consistent, and while that may sound weird to hear about an ideological group that changes its positions with the wind, its consistency lies in how it wants to be perceived by everyone around them. For instance, the left has always made it clear to everyone that theirs is the side that cares and champions the downtrodden.

This comes out in many different ways, but hardly in a way that actually shows that they’re the ones looking out for the best interests of these put-upon groups.

One of the primary ways in which this comes out is in the form of virtue signaling, the act of standing on a figurative soapbox and claiming to have a moral stance in a way everyone can see and hear. Most virtue-signaling now happens on Twitter where someone can claim to have a value or moral without really having to back it up.

For instance, leftists were on a very high horse in 2018 when the immigration crisis was first being addressed by Donald Trump. Author Stephen King was one of the left who was most anxious that you see how great he was when it came to opening up our lands to illegal immigrants. He attacked the right and even Christians as being selfish. The same could be said of Nancy Pelosi who took the same route of shaming right-leaning Christians for not embracing illegal aliens.

Samantha Bee even famously called Ivanka Trump a “feckless c**t” over Trump’s handling of the border.

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Were these people opening up their homes and properties to illegal immigrants? I’m sure you already know the answer to that.

All three lived in very expensive and well-protected areas. Pelosi owned multiple homes, in fact, and none of them were used to house illegal immigrants. King owns a gated home in Maine, far away from the southern border. He, as well, has not opened his home to immigrants.

Bee lives in a staggeringly white neighborhood and will launch into action to stop poor non-whites from moving in if they try.

We can see it still. Anti-gun activist and ardent virtue-signaling leftist David Hogg attempted to guilt trip Harvard into reprioritizing the homeless so that they wouldn’t have to sleep on the cold ground.

“I walk to class every day passing people sleeping in the cold on the ground- outside an institution with over $53 billion, in a state that purports to be one of the most progressive in the country, In the richest country on the planet. Our issue isn’t resources- it’s priorities,” he tweeted.

What a wonderful guy…but maybe he should prove it as former MLB star Lenny Dykstra highlighted by suggesting Hogg allow them to sleep in his dorm.

Hogg, like everyone else who’s been called out for this obvious hypocrisy, hasn’t responded.

While it’s right and good to consider someone like Saul Alinsky a bad person, his Rules for Radicals actually does a great job of highlighting psychological warfare. One of the rules is rule number four: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

Alinsky was dealing with a religious right that wasn’t perfect, and each time someone was exposed for a hypocrite they were dogged and dragged until they buckled. Today, it’s the left that can be considered more like the religious dogmatists of old, only their religion is the religion of power and self-aggrandizement.

They don’t actually believe in helping the homeless, they just want you to believe they believe in it. They can live off the virtue signal alone if you let them, so it would behoove the right to utilize rule four. Make people like Hogg, and Bee, and Pelosi, live up to their own standards. Shove their impossible standards in their face by making them continuously look at their own reflection. This should be applied to any leftist who stands on a soapbox and declares themselves holier than thou.

If they truly believed this stuff they would practice it, but they don’t.


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