The Misery Business

The Misery Business
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See that innocent thing? You like it huh? Want to tell people all about it, I bet? Want to sit back and enjoy it with loved ones, possibly turn it into a hobby or perhaps something you enjoy randomly when you have downtime?

Well, it’s awful, racist, homophobic, and the fact that you enjoy it says a lot about you as a person. The only way to absolve yourself of the sin of enjoying this thing is to reject it completely and utilize the talking points we give you when it comes up in conversation. Until that time, you’re a horrible person.

That’s the left’s play when it comes to anything that even borders a tradition, a hobby, or even just the words you use. Leftist activists always seem to have a problem with something and thanks to leftist activists having infected the mainstream media, these ridiculous “issues” get far more traction than they really should.

Let’s take, for instance, Thanksgiving.

As my colleague Bonchie covered, Black Lives Matter, the social justice group known for destroying your city if they’re upset about anything, released a holiday greeting to you and yours, and oh what an inspiring and heartfelt message it was.

“You are eating dry turkey and overcooked stuffing on stolen land,” they tweeted.

This also came with a graphic telling you that we’ve normalized colonization, and then gives you a link to find out whose land you’re currently occupying.

Bonchie does a great job of going into why this message is nothing short of stupid, so I won’t’ delve too much into it here. Instead, I want to focus on something a bit deeper. Something I can only qualify as a sort of psychosis shared amongst the social justice obsessed. A folie à deux among the left, if you will.

The obsession with social justice is one that, according to social justice warriors, is a full-time job. As one political activist and video game “critic” Anita Sarkeesian once confessed to a crowd, everything has an “ist” attached to it and you have to be calling it out all the time.

Why? Because guilt is a powerful tool. It can cause someone very set in their beliefs to rethink and even betray them. It can force people into a specific line of thinking. Most importantly, guilt defines where moral boundaries are set. If it weren’t for the feeling of guilt, our society would turn into a lawless wasteland of murder, rape, thievery, infidelity, and concerts where they don’t come back for an encore.

It’s an admittedly clever tactic, and while it may serve you well for a time, it comes with an awful side-effect.

Being in the business of social justice is to be in the business of dispensing and dealing in misery. You live in a world where nothing can be fun, nothing can be playful, nothing can be funny. Everything has to be taken very seriously, and not doing so makes you every “ist” and “phobe” in the book.

Everything from the way you conduct your relationships, have conversations, view media, and express yourself has to stay carefully within the bounds of these rules the social justice activists have arbitrarily decided. In their world, you can never be too careful because one slip reveals you for the spawn of Hitler that you are and you must be canceled. Therefore, lighthearted fun is dangerous territory to tread in. Jokes are dangerous. You never know when they might stray into the realm of insults.

Unless you’re white and male, then fire away. It’s the one outlet they give you, and while they do have other “methods” by which to express yourself, including humor, it feels like a cheap knockoff that feels more like reinforcing and creating propaganda than it does art.

This is nothing short of self-induced depression. Living in a world where everything is awful and all you can be is miserable seems to create some very interesting side effects.

While it hasn’t been seen by scientists, it can’t be denied that delving into the world of social justice and adhering to its rules drives people into some very odd behaviors. Odd haircuts and vibrant color changes, body modifications, weird clothing choices, and unhealthy dietary plans, are accompanied by extreme emotions, violent outbursts, and a complete denial of reality. This isn’t new. These behaviors have been on display since social justice began making itself popular on Tumblr in the late 2000s.

What we do know is that depression is not at all good for the brain. According to OptimistMinds, scientific studies show the brain shrinks under constant stress, mental disorders become far more prevalent, and brain cell counts take a dive.

Depression can be a very stressful condition for an individual due to its terrifying effects physically, emotionally and psychologically. A study suggested that the brain cells in the hippocampus could be killed because of a single-socially stress related event experience by a person.

The hippocampus is the part of the brain related to memory, learning and emotion. It also serves as a center where new brain cells are produced throughout life.

It was also found that everyday stress, which is accumulated in time causes the brain to shrink. It is normal for us to experience stressful life events. Some days are good, some bad. However, researchers suggest that everyday stress accumulated in time can also contribute to mental disorders.

Social justice adherence is stressful. Its purpose is to be disruptive and to create conflict. It is a stress-filled type of ideology that only exists to create more stress for those who engage in it — and those forced to engage with it.

Am I suggesting social justice drives you crazy?

Well, who is out there creating Twitter posts attempting to bring everyone down with ridiculous claims about dry turkey, overcooked stuffing, and stolen land? Who is out there throwing urine and feces on people who dare attempt to pass laws that restrict abortions? Who is screaming into the sky because someone they didn’t like who got elected? Who is throwing tantrums so large that they set entire cities on fire, assault or kill innocent bystanders, and then tell everyone they’re the innocent party because society made them do it?

What I’m suggesting is that these social justice adherents are miserable. They deal in misery and want company for their misery, and misery clearly drives you crazy.

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