South Park Has a String of Movies Coming out About a Post-Pandemic World and It Won't Please the Left

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Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been very, very busy doing what they do best, and that’s creating some of the best commentaries on our society that America has ever seen. As per the usual, it’s probably not going to please too many people on the left.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stone and Parker have created 14 made-for-TV films that will appear only on the Paramount+ streaming service that puts us back in the bizarre town of South Park some 40 years in the future where the pandemic is always close to being over, but it never really over.

As is their way, no one is safe from Stone and Parker’s lampooning, and whenever you fall on beliefs during the pandemic, you’re probably going to get made fun of. For the unvaccinated, this might be a fun poke at you, but according to THR, the duo also take aim at woke culture which never goes well with the woke:

Among the mockery targets in South Park: Post Covid are Aaron Rodgers, the general unvaccinated population and woke culture; the movement having gone so far in the future that jokes no longer exist so no one can be offended.

There is also a great bit about Stan’s Amazon Alexa device acting as a combative girlfriend who occasionally tells him about products he should add to his shopping cart; a take on the A.I. character played by Ana de Armas in Blade Runner 2049. Actually, there are a few Blade Runner nods in the movie. South Park: Post Covid also features a deep-cut Beverly Hills Cop reference and another for The Godfather: Part II.

If the pattern holds true for Stone and Parker, we’re bound to see just how ridiculous we as a society have been over the course of the pandemic. The duo has always been the type to rip the curtain back in order to expose the emperor’s lack of clothing on any given subject and as they’ve expressed in the past, no one is more ridiculous than the left.


As was angrily pointed out in an interview by the Huffington Post, Parker and Stone confessed that of all the groups that get pissed at them, the left gets angry the most, and the duo would attend Hollywood parties and intentionally make the glitterati angry with random pro-Republican statements just for fun. However, while they never intended for the show to be Republican or Democrat-leaning, over the course of the years it was clear that the left was offended more than anyone and the show was labeled as being right-leaning.

After a time, the duo said that while the show does take aim at Conservatives from time to time, it became old hat since everyone else was doing it, so the left became their primary targets:

They have certainly mocked conservative groups and people on their show, but they tend to skewer liberals more often. Why? “Ripping on Republicans is not that fun for us only because everyone else does it,” Matt explained. “It’s so much more fun for us to rip on liberals only because nobody else does it, and not because we think liberals are worse than Republicans but, just because…”

“’s like fresh snow. I mean how’re you gonna rip on Sarah Palin in a new way?” Trey pointed out.

“I think sometimes we do gravitate towards things other people haven’t done and a lot of times that makes us gravitate away from ripping on Republicans cause it’s just done very well by a ton of people. It’s hard to compete with Jon Stewart, etc — those guys are brilliant.”


Later on, in 2018, the duo would admit to being Republicans when being presented with an award. Whether they were being serious, or just trolling the crowd, is still up in the air.

Either way, it’s only proof that when it comes to the latest entries in South Park, you’re going to get something much needed in this society, and that’s someone making actual societal commentary. Stone and Parker have often used absurdity to highlight realities, and in this day and age, there are islands of realism in comedy like Dave Chappelle and Bill Burr.

However, Stone and Parker have always been here, and it would appear they don’t intend to stop anytime soon.


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