The Left Is on a Quest to Destigmatize Horrific Behavior

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Lately, I’ve been shouting from the rooftops that the left is very much showing us who they really are with the Kyle Rittenhouse trial being one of the primary ways in which we’re seeing the depravity and moral decay of the left.

But the thing is, you’d figure that defense and mourning of pedophiles would cause some to snap out of their stupor and perhaps begin walking themselves back from an edge that leads into a very dark place. Even if you’re judging right by might, the loss of Virginia to Republicans should have been a wake-up call that this extremism isn’t working.

While it is true that we’re seeing something of an exodus from the Democrat party by voters, it would appear that media figures, activists, and politicians are only doubling down and taking as many people with them into the dark as they can.

This has been very apparent since 2016 as the Democrat machine began destroying cities and neighborhoods under the banner of Black Lives Matter, something that’s continued to the present day to the point of almost becoming a leftist tradition. These riots come with the presence of a radical leftist domestic terrorist group known as Antifa, a group that Democrats either pretend doesn’t exist or outwardly defends. Antifa is a group known for violence, destruction, and murder, but Democrats are unphased by this. They consider people like them heroes, no matter how depraved they are.

It gets even darker when you see where the left is focusing on the way we look at or discuss certain topics. My colleague Kira Davis recently covered how the state of Colorado is attempting to challenge the very definition of what it is to be a sex offender.

(READ: Colorado to Drop The Term ‘Sex Offender,’ Says It’s a ‘Negative’ Label)

The move is to replace the term “sex offender” with the far less abrasive “adults who commit sexual offenses.” This effectively removes the label that one has to live with after committing such a heinous offense and gives it a far less consequential title to make the crime stick less.

It seems like a weird thing to do, especially after the #MeToo era made even being hinted at as being a sex offender a life-destroying thing. Of all the problems facing our society, why is this move considered necessary?

If you pair this with the fact that we literally have Democrat celebrities calling serial child rapists by pet names as Mark Ruffalo did, this is more than a little disturbing, but it does reveal an overall plan.

Between cheerleading riots and mourning the loss of pedophiles, we’re seeing a concentrated effort to destigmatize criminal behavior. This is an open embrace of the worst parts of our society, and why not? Victimhood is the bread and butter of the Democrat party and they discovered long ago that they can make the people who are willing to go to extremes to keep them in power into victims by making their behavior seem like reactions to evils done to them by one group or another. They get to intimidate people physically and mentally into obedience, all the while selling the idea that the only reason these people are doing this is because society made them do it. This infuriates those watching from the outside, causing more to embrace the left and fight against the “oppressors.”

When you open the door to that kind of villainy, you’ll find more and more people attempt to make their way in, and what standard you set for the worst in one column you’ll quickly find being set for the worst in another. Now, pedophiles and sexual assaulters are falling under protected groups because if they don’t then the entire narrative falls apart.

This has been happening for some time now, and now the left has gotten to the point where it’s openly defending these people, and even allowing them to shift the language that defines them. It’s not just “adults who commit sexual offenses,” we’re also seeing pedophiles attempt the same by defining themselves as “minor-attracted persons.”

Thing is, there needs to be a stigma around horrible behavior. Not having one is a one-way ticket to the destruction and death of entire societies. The moment sex offenders and pedophiles lose the hatred that surrounds them is the moment they begin committing these crimes more frequently. To be sure, the same could be said about rioters as towns and cities now brace for one anytime the left doesn’t get its way.

People who commit horrific crimes should live with that shadow, and while I do realize people do reform over the course of years, this should be no excuse to lessen the thought of the crime.

Regardless, this is now the left. Vote accordingly.


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