"Revenge": Dave Portnoy Is About to Make Life Miserable for Business Insider

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Earlier this month, Business Insider released a #MeToo style hit piece on Dave Portnoy, attempting to accuse him of sexual assault and defame him as a predator of young women. It was a blatant attempt at cancelation, but Portnoy is a hard man to cancel, especially since he has evidence of his innocence.


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But while most people going through a cancelation attempt would hunker down and pray the attention goes away soon, Portnoy told the Daily Wire that he’s taking a different approach. He’s going on the offensive against Business Insider and plans to make them pay for what he’s saying is a false accusation of rape.

Appearing on “Candace,” Portnoy slammed Business Insider for publishing a piece that was clearly not well researched and one-sided. So far, Portnoy has published text conversations and a two-part video describing the real story, a story that runs contrary to the claims made by author Julia Black in the Insider hit piece.

One such story involves a girl who said Portnoy continued to have rough sex with her after she told him no and claimed she was “screaming in pain,” something that Portnoy vehemently denies ever happened and gave his side of the story in the two-part video. The Barstool president noted that he has nothing to hide and that no matter how much they try to dig there isn’t really anything to find.

Regardless, he told the Daily Wire he’s not just letting Business Insider drop this and walk away. According to Portnoy, he’s out for revenge:


“This is a baseball game. We’re in the top of the second. Like, there’s no chance I’m letting this go. They tried to basically discredit me with one of the most heinous crimes you can commit,” Portnoy said, asserting that the accusations made in the Business Insider article are tantamount to rape. “And if they think I’m just gonna walk away, like, ‘Okay, I cannot prove myself,’ they’re terribly mistaken. There is no chance I’m going to let this just kind of disappear in the coming months.”

“You cannot accuse somebody of a crime without [basis],” he continued. “As I’ve said, the way they describe what happened in the story, that’s rape. They’re like, basically, the woman was running away screaming ‘no, no, no,’ and I continued. That did not happen at all.”

“I’m going to do whatever I can to make sure that they – you know, if you want call it revenge, whatever – that they pay as much as I have the ability to make them pay for what they did, which to me is knowingly falsely accusing me of rape,” Portnoy said. “They went through my entire social life in eight and a half months and I was able to … discredit the two girls that they found in three days. Eight and a half months.”

More can be called into question about the hit piece. Portnoy’s politics is nothing the left is happy about. Last year, Portnoy conducted a friendly interview with Donald Trump, and Black, the author of the hit-piece, is a noted anti-Trump advocate. Moreover, the Barstool President has appeared on shows like Tucker Carlson to give his opinion on various topics and, at one point, started a fund to help small businesses during the pandemic since the powers that be were continuing their economy-killing lockdowns.


It makes one suspicious that this has little to do with justice for women and more to do with taking down a popular figure who doesn’t express the correct kind of politics.

It seems that Business Insider and Black picked the wrong target, however. Portnoy doesn’t seem keen on taking beatings without handing them back to the person doing the beating. Business Insider is likely going to bleed a little after Portnoy is done with them, but he’ll likely suffer nothing.

If the evidence presented by Portnoy is solid, then there may be a court date in Business Insider’s future.


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