Insider Releases #MeToo Hit Piece on Dave Portnoy, but Barstool's President Is Already Destroying It

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Cancel culture comes for everyone in publically visible positions and now it’s come for Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy. This time, it’s come in the form of a #MeToo type of accusation that Portnoy had sexually assaulted a woman he had gone on a date with. However, Portnoy is fully denying these accusations. What’s more, he’s brought evidence that strongly suggests his innocence.


The author of the hit piece, Julia Black, promoted the article by saying it’s the hardest she’s ever worked on one before, taking a total of eight months to complete. The article is definitely a large one with multiple people interviewed and many stories about Portnoy buried within.

However, like many #MeToo accusations, there’s very little proof to the claims being thrown around about Portnoy, and much of the article is made up of already public stories of the Barstool founder’s exploits to try to lend believability to said claims.

For instance, one girl said she had been flirting with Portnoy after she had complimented his famous pizza reviews on Instagram. Soon the conversations between the two moved to text where Portnoy allegedly sent her graphic pics and videos of former women he’d slept with. The two began discussing sex between themselves. She had informed Portnoy that she had a rape fantasy to which Portnoy allegedly responded that they were “going to get along so well.”

From there she agreed to fly out to his multimillion-dollar home in Nantucket. The claim is that the two had sex that night and Portnoy both abused and humiliated her:

From there, things escalated until, as Madison put it, “I felt like I was just a human sex doll.”

Two days later, Madison texted a close friend. “It was so rough I felt like I was being raped he video taped me and spit in my mouth and choked me so hard I couldn’t breathe,” she wrote in messages viewed by Insider. “And it hurt and I was literally screaming in pain.”

She recalled crying and shouting, “Too much! Too much!” and “It hurts!”

“It was so painful,” Madison said. “I kept trying to get away and he was like, ‘Stop running away from me. Stop running away from me.'”

But Portnoy, she said, “just went harder.”


She wasn’t scheduled to go home until two days later and she spent the rest of her stay on Portnoy’s couch.

Another girl tells of a story where she too agreed to go to Portnoy’s home where they had rough sex, and didn’t like it, but was too scared to disappoint him. The report says that after he friends picked her up “she was clearly almost in shock” and didn’t talk the next day. This girl doesn’t describe what happened to her as an “assault” but said she did feel “preyed upon.”

She also apparently suffers from depression and was later in hospital after her encounter with Portnoy for becoming suicidal. The girl’s mother contacted police and told them to go monitor his front door in order to see a young girl being dropped off every day. Insider reported it has evidence of the call.

So we have two girls who agreed to meet up with Portnoy for a sexual encounter, one of whom told him she liked rape fantasies, but outside of this, all we have are stories of Portnoy being Portnoy, a man who isn’t politically correct, likes sports, and loves sex.

If you were to look at this objectively, you’d already start to see the problems with the article. Firstly, it’s clearly written from the perspective of someone who doesn’t like Portnoy. They paint him as a man known for little more than being a misogynistic womanizer who has created an army of trolls to enforce his will and protect him if need be. They highlight various times he’s taken things too far (which even he admits) and combine them with non politically correct jokes he’s made in the past in order to frame him as a villain.


As I said earlier, it’s very #MeToo-esque.

But if we were to strip it down to nothing but the claims from the women, we still wouldn’t have a case for the cancellation of Portnoy. Both girls willingly went into Portnoy’s home for the express purpose of sex, one claimed to tell him to stop, but beforehand she had told him she liked an abusive fantasy and was apparently surprised by what she got when they allegedly carried it out.

Not only does this story just seem like a hit piece on someone in an attempt at cancelation using flimsy reasoning, but the method by which it was delivered to the public also makes it seem even worse.

This super important article meant to pull back the veil on a sexual abuser and man who preys on young women…is locked behind a paywall as of this writing. Apparently, if you want to see the stories of Portnoy’s past sexual abuses and lend your voice to the cacophony of those calling for Portnoy’s cancelation, you must pay the ticket price set by Insider.

It just seems slimy.

But Portnoy isn’t staying quiet on this. He’s already out on Twitter with a two-part video explaining the real story behind it all.

In terms of the first story, Portnoy said the sex between him and the girl was 100 percent consensual, and never once was he asked to stop during intercourse. After sex, Portnoy explains that as they hung out more it was clear that she and he were “oil and vinegar” and did not get along, which is why she slept on the couch. He says she was still interested in hooking up but he claimed it just wasn’t working.


Portnoy confirms the story about the second girl but noted that she had taken a selfie with him and released it online. After the selfie began to circulate, the girl fell into a depression and apparently turned suicidal. He also says that no authorities contacted him after the mother’s phone call. He also denies the mother’s claim about a revolving door of young women, saying he actually hates having people over at his house and likes going to bed early.

Portnoy even showed the text messages between him and the girl who clearly enjoyed her time with him and bragged about getting the word around that she’d slept with him.

It’s important to take accusations of sexual assault seriously, but what we seem to have here are two claims, one of which is demolished by contradictory evidence and the other which seems rather flimsy at best given there’s no evidence to her claims of telling him to stop. It’s kind of difficult, especially after the weaponized accusations of the #MeToo movement, to automatically embrace this narrative from a clearly biased reporter and one already disproved story.

What this likely is is an attack on an influential man who has said jokes that aren’t PC, appeared on shows that the woke crowd label as Hitlerian, and laughs about it when the outrage flies his way. He’s a prime target for cancelation, and while this is just the latest attempt, it is the largest one.



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