Biden Needs to Listen to Trump's Warning to Him On China

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If you feel like China’s gotten a bit louder as of late, it’s because they have. It’s in a shark’s nature to become more aggressive when it smells blood in the water, and President Joe Biden has America bleeding out in bucketfuls. The man China feared, however, is speaking out and letting Biden know what he’s doing wrong. The question is whether or not Biden will listen.


As reported by Fox News, former President Donald Trump did an exclusive interview with Fox News wherein he warned that the Biden administration’s approach to China shows “such weakness.”

The approach Biden is taking is one of cooperation and care with the communist nation. In September, Biden had a phone call with China’s President Xi Jinping where they “discussed the responsibility of both nations to ensure competition does not veer into conflict.” It’s a strategy Trump wholly disagrees with.

“I don’t think it is a good way to express it to China,” he told Fox News. “It shows such weakness. We have shown such weakness.”

Trump isn’t wrong. Since Biden’s election, China has made moves that would fully bring it into conflict with the United States, including threatening Taiwan and making moves that challenge our Navy. They’re now building a base on the Afghanistan border, and they’ve recently proven that their missile tech is far more advanced than ours, and they wanted us to see it too.


During the Trump administration, China wasn’t as bold, and for good reason. Trump was more than happy to put the screws on the communist nation and warned them continually that bad behavior came with consequences.

“China respected this country when I was president,” Trump said. “China does not respect our country any more. It is very sad.”

“And even that message – that’s not a good message. It’s not an appropriate message,” said Trump.

As Fox News reported, before Trump left he had worked out a deal with China that would effectively keep them in a position that Biden purportedly wants them in now:

During his administration, Trump in January 2020 signed a Phase 1 trade agreement with China, easing hostility between the world’s two largest economies amid decades of complaints that Beijing was manipulating its currency and stealing trade secrets from American firms.

That agreement included commitments from Beijing to halt intellectual property theft, refrain from currency manipulation, cooperate in financial services and purchase an additional $200 billion of U.S. products during 2020 and 2021.


This agreement came on as the intelligence community was warning him that China posed a grave threat to the security of the U.S., and now it’s warning Biden that it’s “rapidly become more assertive.”

It’s clear that Biden’s soft-handed approach is exactly what China needed to begin pushing America and it will do so until it’s on its heels. At this rate, China will be one more crisis the Biden administration will have to deal with, and one that we as citizens will suffer from the most.


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