What They Say Is an Attack On the LGBT Community Isn't an Attack, It's a Defense

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I often sit back and wonder what the LGBT community would be like if its activist community didn’t spend so much time and effort convincing its members that they’re hated by society in general and that any move that runs contrary to their wishes somehow portends a great slaughter of the gays.

Earlier today, I reported on how Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill that completely forbids transgender people from competing in sports where their biological sex doesn’t match up with the sex intended for that sporting event, team, or club. Within that report was a response from “Equality Texas,” an LGBT activist group lamenting the new law, but right in the midst of it they referred to it as “anti-transgender legislation.”

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This is a common tactic used by activist groups and mainstream media sources. Take an inconvenience or defiance against the LGBT community and characterize it into an event happening just because people hate gays or transgender people.

The truth is actually something completely different. For one, the above bill wasn’t created because Texans hate gays or transgender people. It was done because women and girls have a right to compete in sports on a fair playing field. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to physical ability, men are generally more powerful than women. Feminist and LGBT groups get very angry when you say this, but it’s true. It’s been proven since time immemorial with fewer exceptions compared to the endless examples of the rule.

Imagine you’re a woman who’s been training all her life to compete in a sport meant for women. You’ve had a religious-like devotion to honing your body and skill to this, and when the day finally comes you give it your all only to watch a man claiming he’s a woman walk away with a trophy after thoroughly trouncing you in the competition you dedicated so much blood, sweat, and tears to.

It’s not fair and it shouldn’t be allowed. The state of Texas believes that women should have a fair shot at succeeding in their chosen sport and so they took men out of the equation.

That’s the bottom line. It was about fairness to women…but that’s not what the activist community wants you to believe. They want you to believe it was done because those backward Texans hate anyone who isn’t a white male. They want you to believe the Republicans did it because of an anti-gay agenda they’ve had in their hateful hearts.

Not true.

The vast majority of the people in America do not care whether or not someone is gay, lesbian, or trans. What they care about is having their lives ruled or dictated by a person or group of people either socially or legally. It has little to do with hate and pretty much everything to do with freedom.

Women and girls do not want men to be able to invade their spaces be it on the field or in the locker room. Christians do not want to be forced to perform services or create goods that go directly against their religious beliefs. The general population does not want to have to suffer consequences for misgendering someone or be “canceled” because they did something they thought innocuous that upset a member of the LGBT community.

These wishes and beliefs are not evil.

The LGBT community fought for some time to be allowed to marry one another in the sight of the law in order to be treated like everyone else. Their complaint at the time was that America was pushing an ancient set of values on them and that they should be free to do as they please.

Somehow, the activists see no hypocrisy in pushing the freedom to be themselves while demanding obedience from the general populace on any given subject.

This has naturally put the general populace on the defensive. Where the majority of us were ready to live and let live, now we’re having to risk inviting the wrath of activist groups and media entities to protect ourselves from total domination from a small group of people. This defensive posture is being willingly mischaracterized as a hate-based offense.

It’s unfair on many different levels.

But here’s the real kicker. As the LGBT activist community continues to try to force people into compliance and enact rules both legal and societal that only benefit them, they will begin to generate prejudices among the populace. People will begin looking at the LGBT community as the enemy as they’re forced to fight them time and again.

These activists who claim they’re victims will be the authors of society’s turn against them. If only they’d stop pushing their will on everyone else, the hatred and discrimination they claim they endure will more or less dissipate into near-nothingness, but they’re not.

They continue to push transgenderism and homosexuality on children in schools, they continue to hold parades that feature gratuitous simulations of sex, they continue to try to purposefully force business owners to go against their own personal beliefs, and they continue to try to force their way into sporting competitions and locker rooms meant for the opposite sex.

They will continue to be resisted and as they do they will generate ill will from the general populace until their unpopularity overpowers their current dominance of what is and isn’t considered acceptable in politically correct circles.

When that happens, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.


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