Ricky Gervais' Warning to Gen Z Is a Warning for All Society

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The politically correct course our society is on will take no prisoners and spare no one, especially the generation that is currently forcing woke culture into overdrive.


Comedian Ricky Gervais has some very good advice for the generation currently making its way into adulthood and they would do well to listen to it. As reported first by Fox News, while on his “Absolutely Mental” podcast with neuroscientist Sam Harris, Gervais said he can’t wait to see Gen Z grow up and inherit the driver’s seat of society, because they’re going to find that the woke culture they fostered is only going to turn on them when the next generation comes along.

“I want to live long enough to see the younger generation not be woke enough for the next generation. It’s going to happen,” Gervais said. “Don’t they realize that it’s like, they’re next? That’s what’s funny.”

“We kicked out the old guard. We did it,” he added. “There’s only so woke and liberal you can get and then you start going the other way. But it’s inevitable.”

Gervais has been an anti-woke culture/anti-cancel culture advocate for some time, famously making his stances more clear during the 2019 Golden Globes where he denounced woke celebrity speeches before they could even make them.


To his point, however, Gen Z is far more sensitive and outraged than any generation before it, and despite outrage and guilt-inducing pseudo-morality giving it far more power than it actually deserves, they used this power to set rules that come from a place of ignorance and inexperience.

It is untenable in the long run. At some point, a limit has to be reached in order for anything from a household to a corporation to stay above water. We can see this happening now with Netflix as its co-CEO Ted Sarandos is doing now with the LGBT employees making demands of his company. He’s drawing a line with them and doesn’t seem to be willing to budge…nor should he be.

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I’d like to tell you that the real world cures a lot of youthful fantasies, especially those developed in college classrooms but they don’t. The college “safe space” birthed an offensive Generation Z that carried its wokeness from the campus to the market. They’ve twisted and perverted society, they made demands that were met and altered what is and isn’t acceptable in polite company.


The brutal truth is that Gen Z wields a lot of power through their moral compass that has no true north, but as Gervais hinted, that lack of true principle is going to bite them when the younger generation moves in and begins its own crusades. Gen Z, the wokest generation, will find itself overwhelmed in battles it can’t win for losing. They’ll be canceled, destroyed, and subjugated and they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.

They’ll say they aren’t playing fair, but they created the rules of this game, and the rules were that the most outraged wins.


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