You Aren't DC Comics' Demographic

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If you haven’t heard the news, then allow me to break it to you. Superman is now just as woke as all the other mainstream properties as Clark Kent’s son, Jonathan Kent, has been turned into a bisexual person with a male love interest.


As reported by Bounding Into Comics, this was revealed not long ago by former DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver who stated that “Clark Kent is going bye-bye and they are going to replace him with Jonathan Kent and then they are going to announce that Jonathan Kent is gay.”

“So Superman is effectively gay,” added Van Sciver.

Sure enough, In the upcoming Superman: Sone of Kal-El #5 due out next month, Superman will be seen kissing a reporter named Jay Nakamura, a pink-haired man who spends a lot of time with Kent.

This reveal comes only weeks after DC unveiled Batman character “Tim Drake,” one of the characters to take on the “Robin” moniker, is also bisexual.

A lot has been made of this from mainstream media sources. Even the New York Times felt this new development deserved an article about it.

Doubtless, we’re going to get a Superman whose life is very caught up in left-leaning causes, woke principles, and increasingly boring storylines that will probably target various groups that the social justice obsessed don’t like.

I’d say we should grieve that yet another hero has fallen to the woke, but the truth is, DC stopped considering everyone but a very small select group of readers their demographic a long time ago, and that demographic is a very niche one. It enjoys socialism, is heavily LGBT, and believes that people who don’t think like them are pure, unmitigated evil.


You, and the vast majority of America, are not DC’s target demographic. In fact, you fall so far outside of it that you’re likely one of the people DC writers will vilify in its upcoming stories about a gay Superman.

It’s one of the reasons DC continues to fail. It’s definitely one of the reasons DC had to lay off around 600 people from its offices back in 2020 in what one former employee called a “bloodbath.” DC has not since learned its lesson and is only doubling down.

It’s this doubling down that indicates that DC, once a company that gave birth to some of the world’s greatest superheroes and was the pride of America, has now fallen into something unrecognizable and sadly, unreadable.

Many will say that it’s homophobia driving the anger toward DC’s decision on their character’s sexualities, but that’s not it. The anger it drives has more to do with what we know the decision was based on, not homosexuality itself.

The issue is that homosexuality has been used as a cudgel with which to club the non-woke with, which is the vast majority of America. They simultaneously want to use Superman’s sexuality to normalize homosexuality to the young and purposefully anger everyone else for both publicity and personal reasons. They want to shove it in your face and make you watch as they destroy characters you grew up with with “modern” values that make no sense to the character or the story half the time.


Here’s the kicker.

DC Comics’ bad writing is just punching holes in its own hull, and as a result, it will continue to sink into oblivion until it’s not worth much in printed form. At some point, people will just get tired of reading about their favorite characters being molested by undeserving creators and tune out. The sales and publicity will disappear, and DC will be a memory some once had from back when they were kids. Back when DC was actually trying to write good stories and sell comics to Americans, not just a small subsection of hateful ones.

Perhaps one day, DC Comics will become so damaged that Warner Bros. will seek to sell it off and the person who buys it may right the ship and it will come roaring back.

Until that time, the comics industry is just going to have to continue to suffer its woke to broke downhill slide, boasting about and signaling its virtues into the ether where only its echoes will respond to it.

Meanwhile, Japanese comics are going gangbusters and there’s not a drop of woke to be seen.


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