Democrats Don't Have Friends, Just People Who Think They're Useful

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

You’re only as loved as you are useful on the left.

That’s the sad fact about Democrats. For a long time, it used to be that Democrats were united at all times. The marching orders handed down from the top were followed to the letter and every Democrat and leftist trumpeted the same talking points and phrases verbatim. Lately, that’s gone a bit by the wayside, as the party becomes more and more radical, but tactics to get Democrats to fall in line are still there.

The tactic is simple. Everyone who falls in line with the Democrat Party agenda stays in the good graces of the body politic. Anyone who so much as steps a toe out of line will be dragged in the public square and attacked until they fall back in. If you’re lucky, you’ll be forgiven, but it will never be forgotten.

They’ve demonstrated this time and again.

New York’s socialist sweetheart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supported Bernie Sanders during the 2020 Democrat primary. They seemed like two peas in a pod…that was until Sanders proved himself not to be woke enough for her and she snubbed him for days until she was finally cajoled into appearing at an event featuring The Strokes. By that time, the damage had been done. Sanders’ campaign had lost its momentum and AOC’s notable absence didn’t help it.

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This is the same AOC that threatened moderate Dems with being put on a primary list if they didn’t fall in with the agenda.

The mob can come at any moment and for any person. It came for Ellen, Scarlett Johansson, and even Caitlin Jenner. These individuals belong to a protected group on the left; all of them supported leftist causes and trumpeted some form of woke culture, and all of them lost their grace upon stepping out of line. They didn’t fully conform, and so they had to be destroyed.

The latest can be seen in the treatment of Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

The left has taken to accosting Sinema in public, even going so far as to follow her into bathrooms.

You’d think this kind of behavior would be denounced across the board, but you’d be wrong to think that, because this kind of tactic is actually endorsed by the folks at the top of the DNC food chain, including President Joe Biden.

Think this is a one-off? Don’t bet on it.

It wasn’t that long ago that Antifa was showing up to the house of the most pro-Antifa mayor in the United States, Portland’s Ted Wheeler. They drove him out of his home and turned on him — despite his years of effectively allowing them to run his city.

The evidence is clear. You may be the toast of the town today, but you’ll only stay liked so long as you stay useful, and mere disagreement will result in more than just some angry tweets and bad PR. They will try to destroy you and make you feel threatened on a very personal level.

There are no real friends on the left. There is no room for misunderstanding or disagreement. There is only obedience and marching in lockstep. The left is not a liberal society, but a society of rigidity that will punish anyone who attempts to introduce differing ideas. This is not an ideological group of free thinkers; this is a hive mind that will eliminate anyone who threatens the status quo.

It’s one of the left’s greatest strengths on some days but one of its biggest weaknesses every other day. At some point, the extremists who demand fealty will have pushed away anyone who may have been friendly with them, and others will learn just how dangerous it is to fall into their gravitational pull.


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