Biden's Approval Rating Freefall Made Only More Significant by Rising Approval of His Worst Enemy's

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President Joe Biden’s approval rating leaped out of an airplane without a parachute, and as it’s plummeting to the ground at speeds that could break the sound barrier, former President Donald Trump’s approval numbers continue to rise.


As first reported by the New York Post, Biden’s approval drop is a continuing trend matched with his rising disapproval numbers. Just last month he was sitting at 49 percent but now sits at 43 percent. His disapproval now sits at 53 percent. The poll was conducted by Gallup.

This was a stark contrast to June where Biden’s approval rating was 56 percent while his disapproval was at 42 percent. It’s only been nine months since Biden took office in January, but he’s already dropped 14 points.

But it gets worse for Biden and the Democrats, as while they’re suffering swiftly decreasing popularity, the New York Post reported that Trump’s is on the rise:

As disapproval grows, Trump is seeing a rise in his own approval rating, overtaking Biden by approximately 2 percentage points, a separate poll found.

Forty-eight percent of American voters were found to have a positive view of Trump, while only 46 percent said they favored Biden, according to a Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey shared with multiple outlets.

On the disapproval side, the survey still found Trump on top, with 47 percent saying they had a negative view of the former president while 49 percent disapproved of Biden.

As rumors continue to swirl about whether Trump will run again in 2024, 51 percent of the 1,578 respondents said Trump was a better president than Biden. Only 49 percent said they preferred Biden over Trump.


Problems continue to mount for the Biden administration and it’s the vast majority of it is caused by the administration shooting itself in the foot on a constant basis. For instance, the Afghanistan debacle is firmly fixed in the minds of Americans as one of the worst decisions ever made in the Middle East. This bad decision-making is only made more apparent by the complete lack of actions and care when it comes to the increasingly worsening crisis at the border.

Add onto this the economic downturn, COVID-19 fearmongering, crime surges, and you have an administration that looks wildly incompetent. That’s not even mentioning the fact that Biden seems ill-suited for the job as it’s clear his mental health is declining. The fact that he’s admitted his handlers won’t let him speak to people or take questions only makes this worse.

This makes people long for the days when Trump was in office, a nightmare scenario for the left in and of itself.

Trump openly spoke to the press all the time and while he was far from an artful speaker, his decisions rarely lead America down a bad road, especially economically. Under Trump, the border was safe and our foreign allies respected us, even if they didn’t like us.


It’s likely that the increased contrast in the polls between Biden and Trump is America showing its buyer’s remorse on Biden, and this is going to be made very apparent in the upcoming midterms.

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