Here's What Nancy Pelosi Considers More Important Than Human Rights Abuses

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I can’t help but define the Democrat’s adherence to the climate change narrative as a cultish self-induced delusion that the planet will somehow be destroyed if we don’t embrace the authoritarianism of the left. I’ve called it the “Church of Climate Change,” not as a clever and humorous way to refer to them, but as an actual descriptor of what I see in their behavior and preaching. They even refer to people who question their positions as “climate deniers,” with “deniers” being a phrase used to describe protestants who disagreed with the church.

Needless to say, I’m a non-believer in the tenets of the false church.

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As Bonchie previously covered, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s belief in the church is so deep that she’s willing to dismiss the very real human rights abuses of China in order to focus on the more pertinent crisis of climate change, which continues to defy their alarmist predictions.

These human rights abuses include the concentration camps containing Uighurs Muslims whom they torture, abuse, and “reeducate.” As NBC News reported, reports have been coming in despite China’s attempts to hide their camps from the world:

Every former camp detainee Amnesty interviewed in the report recounted cruel and degrading treatment, including torture. The report, released Thursday, is based on interviews with 108 people, including 55 camp survivors and several government cadres who worked in the camps.

As part of an attempt to hide camp conditions from the world, Chinese officials created a massive, nearly week-long bonfire, burning as many documents as could be found from an office overseeing the camps, according to an ex-cadre who spoke to Amnesty and whose identity has been concealed for his safety.


More than 1 million Uighurs and other minorities from Xinjiang are believed to be held in internment camps, where they are forced to study Marxism, renounce their religion, work in factories and face abuse, according to human rights groups and first-hand accounts. Beijing says these “re-education camps” provide vocational training and are necessary to fight extremism.

Another human rights abuse, without question, is China’s responsibility for the creation and release of the COVID-19 virus which created a worldwide pandemic.

It’s these things that Pelosi and the Democrats believe should take a backseat to issues created by the anti-science Church of Climate Change.

The Church, however, doesn’t even seem to take climate change all that seriously. In fact, judging by the way its members act during marches, their concerns lie less with the health of the planet and more with the narratives it gives to aid them in the collapse of American and its systems.

For instance, here’s the banner they marched with in 2019 that proclaimed it was capitalism that was killing our planet. They also carried one that promoted the “Green New Deal,” AOC’s proposal for hard-left authoritarianism to take over America in order to curb climate change.

Here they are burning garbage in the street, sending plumes of smoke into the air.

And apparently, to save the environment, a man will twerk in the street as another person throws confetti on them, littering the street.

This is the Church. It’s not about the environment, it’s about control.

So it fits very well with the purposeful refusal to address China’s concentration camps. Acknowledging overt control does Democrats no favors, but enforcing subversive control through the church does them all the good in the world.

One has to step back and wonder what this means for the United States and how the Democrats actually view their own people. Suffice to say, it’s not good. A party willing to ignore atrocities in order to reinforce their own power should put citizens on notice.


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