Nancy Pelosi Sends Norms Skyrocketing With Delusional Overseas Tirade

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File

Nancy Pelosi served up a healthy portion of norms and decorum today as she ranted incoherently while in the United Kingdom. There was a time when elected officials refrained from partisan politics overseas. That standard appears to have gone by the wayside in the name of orange man bad.


While sitting down with a person who looks to be cosplaying a character from Harry Potter, the House Majority Leader attacked the GOP as a “cult” and went on a tirade about how it’s bad for America. You know, because if anyone needs to be schooled on the evils of the Republican Party it’s…Europeans who can’t vote?

Behold, a mental decline only surpassed by the president himself.

While her critique is overwrought, perhaps she’s somewhat right that Republicans have tended to drift toward personality in some of their political choices. Yet, isn’t that the reality of politics going back to George Washington? Strong, charismatic personalities win elections and garner support. This idea of there being something unique about GOP voters liking Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, or whoever is farcical on its face.


After all, we are talking about a Democrat Party that treats someone like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez like royalty. It’s a party that nearly nominated Bernie Sanders to run for president. Currently, it’s a party that is so beholden to its woke, far-left ideology that it’ll tolerate a mental deficient like Joe Biden remaining in office. Heck, Democrats are so far gone in their own delusion that they believe men can become women by virtue of pronouncement.

But the GOP is a cult? Give me a break.

Pelosi wasn’t done, though. She then let it be known that the Chinese communists may be committing genocide, but that what’s most important is that they will work with us on climate change. Of course, China isn’t actually working with us on climate change. Instead, they are pumping out coal fired power plants at an astronomical rate with increases in total emissions dragging into the next several decades. In short, the Chinese are playing the Western world, upping their own economic output while allowing their competition to kneecap themselves with largely arbitrary emissions goals.


The idea that climate change is the “overriding” issue regarding China is asinine and dangerous. No, the overriding issue is that China is a growing nuclear power with the world’s largest navy that has a plan to take over the world with some combination of direct and proxy action. That should be the focus of the US military, Congress, and the entirety of the federal government.

Instead, Pelosi is in the UK ranting about the evils of the GOP and climate change. It’s a surreal sight to watch our ruling class flail about, ignoring threats in order to feed their own ideological delusions. But hey, we restored decorum and decency to our government, right?


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