The "Uniter"

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If you’re a gamer like me, you’ve likely played through the original Halo trilogy. There were a few villainous factions within the game but the original bad guys were called “The Prophets.” They were old, shriveled, weak beings that couldn’t even get around on their own power, yet they lead the most powerful force in the Halo universe known as “The Covenant.” These prophets held names like the “Prophet of Truth” or “Prophet of Mercy.”

As you play through the story, you quickly find out the quirk with these “prophets” was that they were usually the exact opposite of what their name sold them to be. “Truth” held onto power by utilizing a mountain of lies. “Mercy” was more brutal than other leaders in the Covenant.

When I look at President Joe Biden, my mind automatically links the above story with the man. Here we have an old, past his prime leader who is hardly capable of operating on his own accord who was billed as the “Uniter.” Yet, just yesterday, we all watched as he intentionally did what he could to put people against one another through fear and tyrannical demands.

As my colleague Bonchie covered yesterday, Biden blamed the unvaccinated in America for its current woes and declared that all businesses with over 100 employees would be forced to vaccinate their workers — if not, have them tested every week.

“What more is there to wait for? What more to do you need to see? We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin and your refusal has cost all of us,” he said.

It was a line drawn clearly in the sand in the “you’re either with me or against me” spirit.

But more importantly, it was a license for people who are with him to feel and act a certain way around those who don’t think like them. It was a nod to Americans (especially leftist Americans) to turn up the pressure, make pariahs out of those who disobey, and turn those who think differently into “others.”

It’s pure, unadulterated, division, and what’s more, it’s intentional.

Democrats have known since the 1920s that the real path to power lies in creating division, not uniting people. With the power of division, one can create a cause that needs to be fought for, and if there’s even a hint of belief in the cause, one can deepen the resolve of the believer by creating enemies toward it.

The left makes sure people believe the stakes are so high that failure of any given cause means the end of everything. When it comes to the virus, it means the end of humanity as we know it. When it comes to racial agendas, it means the end of minorities’ lives and maybe even a return to slavery — as Joe Biden once hinted by declaring Republicans wanted to put black people back in chains. When it comes to abortion, it means the end of women’s rights and a return to subservience.

None of this is true. Republicans worked to free the slaves and fought for civil rights, the amount of women who lead within the Republican party is staggering, and Republican thoughts toward the vaccine and the virus run the gamut and contain layers of nuance.

On the virus, we’ve seen the numbers, looked at the research, watched the efficacy of the vaccines, and we know through logic and observation that, to be honest, there’s not much to panic about. The typical stance is that some people will want to have the vaccine and some won’t, but no matter what, it’s not going to stop the virus. We also know that masks aren’t going to stop it, so we don’t bother with them. With COVID-19, and especially the Delta variant, the best thing to do is the same thing we do with every bug that comes our way…

…be more careful, wash your hands, and if you get it, then get plenty of rest and fluids.

The sky isn’t falling, but Biden and the Democrats want to make you think it is. Panicked people are easier to control. What’s more, it makes them want to believe in the cause of stopping the threat all the more. It makes them angry when others aren’t taking the threat as seriously, and they begin to pressure, push, and threaten. The negative response to this only angers them more, and their resolve is deepened.

Then they vote.

Democrats know what they’re doing. They know they aren’t uniting anyone. It wasn’t their intention in the first place, but it sounded nice and it’s the lens through which they want you to view this administration. They want you to look at the “Prophet of Unity” and follow him without question — even as his divides and splits and makes enemies out of neighbors.


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