Modern Day Druids: Democrats and the Church of Climate Change

Man-made climate change, melting ice caps, global warming, global cooling, fires, hurricanes, tornados (we don’t call them that anymore), and ozone holes. I’d like to tell you more about them, but the science is settled. We’re all going to die in a number of years.

The Church of Climate Change has deemed it so.

The only way to stave off such a catastrophe is with a sacrifice to the weather gods. We’ve moved on from human sacrifices (for now) but never fear. The leaders of the green church have come up with an even better thing to strap to the altar, cut open, rip the heart out of, and present to the goddess Greta, and that’s capitalism.

All we have to do is sacrifice our freedom, regulate businesses to death, move away fully away from energy-producing materials like coal and natural gas, and embrace “clean energy” like wind and solar. If we don’t do this, the gods will become angry and punish us.

As my colleague, Nick Arama wrote earlier today, top Democrats were in front of cameras proclaiming that the entities that control the weather are angry with us because we haven’t turned out back on the fossil fuel industry.

“We see the wildfires in the West … It’s so devastating. As you see the floods of Ida, the storms of Ida in the South and in the Northeast, Mother Nature is not happy with us, in terms of how we recognize the challenges that face us. Climate crisis is real. Human behavior has an impact on it,” said Pelosi.

This was after Biden said he wanted us to be completely electric with zero emissions by the not-too-distant year of 2020.

That is not a typo.

In 2019, I wrote an article about the Church of Climate Change from the perspective of a non-believer. In it, I discussed the major issue with the left and its obsession with doomsday predictions, glacier funerals, and statist solutions. I also discussed the constant debunking their predictions and warnings go through that, for some reason, the media (the mouthpiece of the church) never talks about.

Oddly enough, the church also never discusses the cleanest and most efficient of all energies; nuclear energy. Nuclear energy creates far more output and takes up a lot less space unlike wind and solar farms which require the destruction of the area they’re placed in order to function correctly.

(READ: The Expense and Destruction Caused by Renewable Energy)

This information is readily available and easy to find, yet the church doesn’t want to talk about it.

Instead, they rattle off warnings about how the gods are angry with us and we need to make sacrifices in order to stave off their wrath. They go from politicians to druids in the blink of an eye. Honestly, if you replaced Pelosi’s pantsuit with a white gown and various necklaces and bracelets made from bone and colored stones, her words would be a bit less weird because her appearance would be a bit more honest. The same could be said of other church leaders like AOC, the author of the Green New Deal, a plan so good that no one voted for it.

It’s all a solid reason for you not to take anything the left has to say about climate change seriously. Experts who make it their job to predict the weather don’t even get it right half the time, yet they’re going to tell us how hot or cold our planet is going to be in a decade? They can’t even predict if a glacier is going to melt or grow. That, in particular, was a hard lesson for the folks at Glacier National Park to learn when they told everyone to kiss one of their glaciers goodbye by 2020, only to find out that it grew and they had to quietly toss out signs telling everyone it was going to melt.

Again, not much difference between the Democrats now and the Druids then, with one major exception…the Democrats likely know better.

As usual, it’s not about the health of the planet, of you, or anything. It’s about money and power. If they can scare you into supporting their agendas, they gain power, and with that power, they can turn around and rake in cash from the favors they do.

It’s not just a cult, it’s a scam.


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